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LOGO Buchversand – Our History

In the beginning there was the idea!

Emil Maier, the bubbly son of a Swabian factory worker, worked visiting Church congregations with fitting congregational literature in 1965. He saw how expensive these were being offered to congregations for by numerous distributors.

Because of this, he decided to start his own company and sell literature and devotional objects to the congregations directly. Together with his wife, Ruth Maier, he intricately hand crafted the first concepts for LOGO’s books and booklets.

With his years of experience behind him, this was the moment when LOGO sprang into life.




1991 ogether with his wife, Ruth, Emil Maier founds a mail order business out of the double garage of their family home. Congregations are so captivated by the low-priced offers that soon a small warehouse and office rooms need to be rented.

1995 The daughter of Ruth and Emil Maier, Bianka, takes charge of running the business. Always keenly alongside are her daughter Tamara and son Jean-Yves.



1996 In this anniversary year the first very popular novelties- and bargains catalogue are released.

1998 “Ja, ich bin in der Kirche” (“Yes, I’m at church”) an important publication from the LOGO-Team which calls upon people to remain with the Church.

1999 Ruth and Emil Maier retire from daily business at LOGO.



2001 10 Years of LOGO – In this anniversary year a free hotline is set up for customers.

2002 Exclusively from LOGO, the first Herrnhut Watchwords are released with works from the famous artist Beate Heinen. Our shop goes online.

2005 LOGO Active comes into being – a free service with a variety of impulses and ideas for Church and congregational work.



2006 LOGO – “Good and well-priced” for 15 years in the world of Christian ideas.

2008 In Spring of this year, the series “uplifting words” is released for the first time. The contents of these booklets follow in the footsteps of well-known personalities.

2010 The LOGO Team expands in its social commitments. More information can be found in the “lived faith” section.



2011 LOGO says “Thank You” for 20 years of trust. 20 years, full of ideas, inspirations and products for Church and congregational work.

2012 The range of products grows constantly and with it, the number of pages in the LOGO catalogue increases to a round 80 pages.

2013 In September the range of pocketbooks with a spring in their step “Best wishes” is released.

From 2016

Historie 2016-2020  

2016 A sheep by the name of “Schnucki” becomes the LOGO mascot in connection with Psalm 23 for the 25th anniversary year. From this year on, we’re also on Facebook.

2017 Was a successful year: We moved into an environmentally friendly, modern building and the shop also underwent some modern changes. Now, you have easy access to our free ideas and inspirations. As well as this, you’ll find us on Instagram and Pinterest now!


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