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Candle Holders with Personalised Designs

With the wonderful candle holders “ moments in light ” the renowned brand-name manufacturer Butzon & Bercker ... zur vollständigen Produktbeschreibung
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With the wonderful candle holders “ moments in light ” the renowned brand-name manufacturer... more
"Candle Holders with Personalised Designs"

With the wonderful candle holders “moments in light” the renowned brand-name manufacturer Butzon & Bercker proves that high-quality and personalised gifts for congregation members absolutely can be reasonably priced. The crafted lights made of good and thick glass is available in a number of varieties and makes for a fantastic acquisition for bazaars, birthday presents or for projects such as financing a Church organ.

Whether for Communion, Confirmation, Weddings or Baptisms, personalised Christian gifts put a smile on everyone’s face. Your congregation member will be thrilled by a thoughtful little personalised something that comes from the heart and sets itself apart from other gifts. Even years later this gift will remind people of unforgettable moments and bring you and your congregation members closer together.

- Made of quality glass
- Delivered in a gift box with tea light
- Personalised print (more upon request)

Realise your ideas!

Simply send us the desired motif from your congregation (for example, your Church, congregation centre, vicarage or an interior photo). We’ll implement your motif for you. Before printing, you’ll receive a draft for any corrections. Don’t forget to include any text you might want such as “St. Lawrence Church”. You’ll receive efficient support and guidance from us here: Bestellung@logo-buch.de

You’ll discover more personalised gifts from the LOGO Online-Shop.  

Product Information for Personalisation

Order No.: 840091

Glass colour: transparent

Banderole colour: mono- or multi-tone print

Size: Height 6 cm, Diameter 6.5 cm

Personalisation: Printed onto banderole, Prices upon request.

Material: High-quality glass

Weight: 300g

Minimum Order: 100 Units per motif

Delivery time: approx. 4-6 Weeks following order confirmation.

"Candle Holders with Personalised Designs"
6 x 6,5 cm
Mo.-Do. 7.30-16.30 Uhr
Fr. 7.30-14.30 Uhr
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