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Kerze Ich bin der Weg, die Wahrheit und das Leben (852033) Kerze Ich bin der Weg, die Wahrheit und das Leben
Der Segensspruch "Ich bin der Weg, die Wahrheit und das Leben" zusammen mit dem ansprechenden Motiv aus Herz und Kreuz machen diese Kerze zu einer hübschen Geschenkidee. Passend für viele Anlässe, kann diese z.B. zum Geburstag oder zur...
€1.49 *
Bildkerze zur Trauer (852021) Bildkerze zur Trauer
Diese mit einer mutmachenden Psalm-Botschaft versehende Kerze ist ein dezentes Geschenk zur Trauerbewältigung. Alle Kerzen sind geschenkfertig, einzeln in Cellophan verpackt . Eine Brenndauer von ca. 33 Stunden und eine hohe Qualität...
€2.69 *
Trauerkerze - Hoffnung, Trost und Kraft (700440858058) Trauerkerze - Hoffnung, Trost und Kraft
Der Kerzenschimmer dieser Trauerkerze als Sinnbild des allgegenwärtigen Gottes bestärkt die Menschen in ihrem tiefen und festen Glauben, dass selbst in der finsteren Dunkelheit immer wieder ein wärmespendendes Licht im Inneren aller...
From €3.29 *
Kerze - In Deinem Lichte (851117) Kerze - In Deinem Lichte
Diese Kerze schmückt ein Psalmwort aus der Bibel , dass uns in unserer Trauer Hoffnung spenden soll. Eine dezente Aufheiterung . Alle Kerzen sind geschenkfertig, einzeln in Cellophan verpackt . Lange Brenndauer und eine hohe Qualität...
From €1.69 *

Votive Candles and their Significance in Christianity

Candles and lights have had a huge significance in the Christian religion for centuries. Alongside the light of faith which God shines on all Christians, the light of life is a massive symbolic companion for many Christians. Lighting a candle when grieving represents the continuation of the light of life shining after death. Even when someone has left the world of the living, their memory lives on in those who are left behind and stays part of the brightness of life like the bright glow of a candle.

Votive candles can be lit at a number of occasions which have respectively different meanings. For example, the votive candle might be lit by a number of family members during the grieving process at the last Church service or be placed on the grave as a symbol of the eternal light of faith that acts as a companion for those who’ve passed on. The votive candles in this category are a particularly nice procurement for private memorials and can be given to those left behind as a symbol of your condolence and to show you’re thinking of them. With our selection of motifs, you can express your own thoughts and relationship to those who’ve passed on with these votive candles.

Discover different Motifs for Votive Candles in our Range

The LOGO Online-Shop offers Christian candles in a huge selection which you can give for funerals or other occasions, much like Christian cards. Many of the items in this category already have condolence cards included which are coordinated with the motifs on the candles to express condolence. Votive candles such as these invite you to place them at home to keep those who’ve passed on in living memory and to reflect when seeing the candles and cards. Among our motifs are:

• Votive candles with Psalms
• Rest in Peace
• Hope, Comfort, and Strength

If you would like to express your grief and, as well as the candle, add some personal words, you’ll find more gifts and gestures for those left behind alongside cards in LOGO’s range. In this way, different books can help through the first weeks and months after a loss and give new perspectives where the Christian faith plays an important role. Other comforting gifts equally accompany friends and relatives through this chapter in life and keep the memory of those who’ve passed on alive.

Choose and Order Votive Candles online

If you’re looking for more dignified gifts for funeral services alongside candles, you’ll certainly find what you’re looking for from LOGO. As well as decorations and gifts we offer a wide selection of Christian literature which gives you impulses for this special Church service and facilitates a decorous interaction with those grieving. Here you’ll also discover how you can incorporate votive candles into this farewell ceremony which friends and relatives might light during the Church service.

Naturally, you’ll also discover other Christian gifts for more joyous occasions throughout the Church Year or for events in your personal life in our range. From Christmas to Communion right down to weddings, LOGO offers a huge selection or Christian inspirations and impulses. Alongside votive candles we also have a number of decorative candles for a various events ready.

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