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For your congregational work we've selected the newest of the new from a wide variety of Christian publishing houses. Here you'll find a wealth of work materials for congregations, schools, nurseries and kindergartens, old people's homes, youth work, women's support groups, senior groups and more.

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True Novelties from LOGO

In our Online-Shop there's always something new! We've tracked down the newest trends and best work materials for congregations, schools, nurseries and kindergartens for you and offer these exclusively in our range at great prices! From books to CDs, right down to attractive calendars, you'll find everything surrounding Christian novelties which touch the heart in this category!

Regardless of whether it's for your own purposes and further education, as a gift for young and old or as a thought provoker, you'll find the newest of the new in this category to deeply consider faith.

New Christian Books

The many new books in our Online-Shop divide themselves among children's and young people's books, novels, guidebooks and work materials. Among the nicest, newest Christian children's books are the stories about Noah and the Ark. The books are wonderfully and age-appropriately illustrated. As a book for yourself for now and again, at nursery or the kindergarten or as an evening ritual, these books make for great storybooks. In this way, children get to know central religious themes and stories in a simple and playful way. In our range you'll also find suitable work materials for nurseries, kindergartens and for educators. We have a range of approximately 200 game ideas and ideas for organising the learning and acquisition of everyday actions and basic skills. In this way, nursery and kindergarten children can be supported in learning these skills in a stress-free and age-appropriate way. Intercultural education is also becoming more and more important in nurseries and kindergartens and shouldn't be neglected.

Naturally school children aren't left out either. Here, topics like Heaven, death and time are covered in an age-appropriate manner and there are also ideas for playfully bridging decisive biblical events.

For adults, there are novels about important topics such as grief, love and Confirmation. Get to know professions of faith in modernity, stories for saying goodbye and the story of Luther. You'll be astonished, learn new things and have some food for thought along the way. To offer support for congregational work, well-founded guidebooks are well suited. Questions about how to run Church services for Baptisms or what to do with children and Confirmees come up again and again making it incredibly valuable for the young people and something they can really learn from. You'll find more answers in the books of our carefully selected Christian publishing houses.

Gifts and More

Among our novelties we also offer calendars which will win you over with their lovely layouts and wonderful texts. For women interested in their spirituality a calendar can be a lovely addition, whose poetic, informative and inspirational texts pick up on the interplay of freedom and unity. Only a combination of the two makes a good life possible, growth and development. We're particularly thrilled by our family calendars - which inspire to take part in arts and crafts, to frolic, tell stories and to explore the woods and meadows. Ideal for adventurous parents and very suitable as a gift.

The CDs in our range are also great gift ideas. For example, Meredith Andrews enchants with her great voice and the catchy melodies and encourages us to deepen our faith and concrete dedication to God.

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