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Ave Maria Candle – Church Window (857007) Ave Maria Candle – Church Window
This candle is decorated with a colourful “Ava Maria” motif and reflects the faith and warmth that Mary is met with. Mary is the first Mother of Christianity . She is the connection between us and God. Often, she is called upon in...
ab €1.85
Travel Icon Set (CR0006) Travel Icon Set
With this icon, God is always by your side wherever you travel! The wood is worked with a very fine carving on the outside. The diptych shows the icon motifs " Madonna Hodigitria " and " Christ Pantokrator " on the inside. The icons are...
ab €4.99
Angel soapstone natural (LO0483) Angel soapstone natural
Angels are God's invisible helpers in everyday life. Angels accompany, protect, help and spread their wings, because God has commanded them to protect us on all our paths. Martin Luther often preached about angels and included them in...
ab €4.85
Cross Pendant Cross Pendant "Life from Fullness"
Blessing and joy have many different facets in our everyday life. From the different symbols on this cross we can guess: "Behold, the guardian of Israel does not sleep." Ps 121:4 God surrounds us on all sides. Glory is due to this God,...
ab €3.79
Cross pendant Cross pendant "Water of life"
Gott umgibt uns von allen Seiten. Diesem Gott gebührt die Ehre, denn er macht unser Leben bunt. Ein Kreuz für Konfirmanden, Firmlinge , für Geburtstags- und Schulkinder, sowie alle, die wollen, dass ihr Leben bunt wird. Das Kreuz ist das...
ab €3.79
Serviettes Tree Large (940036) Serviettes Tree Large
A decorative serviette which acts like a Christian calling card. The serviettes depict a large, golden tree of life in the centre. Surrounding this there are Christian symbols such as a cross, a chalice, a dove and much more. Whether for...
ab €1.89
Serviettes Rainbow (940012) Serviettes Rainbow
These lovely serviettes aren’t only a lovely decoration for at home but also for the congregation and at work . The motif speaks for itself. Here, laying the table will be twice as fun and the food tastes that little bit better.
Décor Fish Bag with approx. 280 Pieces (972200) Décor Fish Bag with approx. 280 Pieces
Punched out, metallic fish in a number of colours. Contents weigh 14g. Warning: Decorative products can be swallowed, not suitable for children under the age of 3 years .
Plaque “St. Christopher” (2-54875) Plaque “St. Christopher”
Blue “St. Christopher” plaque made of metal – whether as a gift or for yourself, you have a life-long companion at your side with a “St. Christopher” plaque. A lovely gift idea for birthdays or for a number of other occasions.
ab €5.55
Leather Bracelet with Cross (880218) Leather Bracelet with Cross
Leather bracelet with metal plate with cross - Colour: Brown - Adjustable-size - Bracelet width approx. 1cm
Key Chain “St. Christopher“ (2-51978) Key Chain “St. Christopher“
Are you looking for a metal key chain with the motif of “ St. Christopher “? Then you’re in the right place at LOGO. Whether as a small surprise for birthdays, as a Thank You, as a Get Well Soon gesture or simply as an encouragement for...
ab €8.55
Key Chain “St. Christopher“ (2-51980) Key Chain “St. Christopher“
In the everyday and while travelling, many people trust in the protection of St. Christopher . This b lue metal key chain accompanies you on all of your paths with the blessing of the saint. Whether as a small surprise for birthdays, as...
ab €9.55
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