Conditions for Redeeming Vouchers

Gift Vouchers

General Conditions

  • Our standard Terms & Conditions apply for the redemption of Gift Vouchers. These can be found here
  • The purchase of Vouchers can be cancelled using our customer service only when it has not yet been redeemed. You can reach our Customer Service on +49 2622/120222, by E-Mail or using our Contact Form.
  • We cannot acccept any responsibility for the loss, theft, misuse or delayed used of Vouchers (for example, as the result of technical difficulties) nor for errors regarding the input of E-Mail addresses for receiving Vouchers via E-Mail. Should an incorrect E-Mail address be given, our Customer Service can resend Vouchers to another E-Mail address following valid proof of identity.

Redemption of Vouchers

  • Gift Vouchers are redeemable for 3 Years following their purchase. The respective expiry dates can be found on the Vouchers.

  • Unused Credit on Vouchers remains until the expiration of the Voucher and can be used for subsequent orders.

  • Gift Vouchers can be used for products only in our Online-Shop, which the use of Vouchers is permitted for. 

  • Gift Vouchers can be redeemed as Credit in your shopping cart.

  • If the value of your Gift Voucher or Promotional Voucher is insufficient to complete an order, you can pay the remaining balance using a different payment method. 

  • Gift Vouchers can only be combined with one (1) Promotional Vouchers.  


  • Gift vouchers can be redeemed only in our Online-Shop.
  • Gift Vouchers cannot be cashed out for their Credit.
  • The resale of Gift Vouchers and Gift Cards is not permitted.
  • Per transaction only one Gift Voucher can be used .


Discount Vouchers / Promotional Vouchers

General Conditions

  • Our Standard Terms & Conditions apply for the redemption of Discount Vouchers and Promotional Vouchers. These can be found here
  • We cannot accept any responsibility for the loss, theft or misuse of Discount Vouchers or Promotional Vouchers.
  • Discount Vouchers and Promotional Vouchers can only be used once. Only one Voucher or Promotional Vouchers is valid per transaction and customer.
  • A combination of multiple Promotional Vouchers is not possible. A Promotional Vouchers and a Gift Voucher can however be used in one transaction.
  • Vouchers and Promotional Vouchers cannot be cashed out or used retroactively for previous orders. The resale of Promotional Vouchers is not permitted.
  • Promotional Vouchers are only redeembale for a limited time and lose their validity on the date which is stated in the specific Promotional Voucher‘s conditions. An extension is not possible.


  • Discount Vouchers and Promotional Vouchers can be used for products only in our Online-Shop, for which the use of Discount Vouchers and Promotional Vouchers is permitted.
  • If a minimum order value is required for a campaign, the Voucher can only be applied to the price of the products. Costs for Gift Wrapping, Postage, or processing etc. cannot be included for the minimum order value.
  • Products saved in your shopping cart or added to your list might not be permitted to be included in a campaign at a later date.


  • Discount Vouchers and Promotional Vouchers cannot be used for products at bound prices (for example books), products with an introductory price, food products or to purchase Gift Vouchers. Some Promotional Vouchers are limited to specific product groups, individual products or contain specific product restrictions. In most cases gift wrapping, postage or other costs cannot be paid with vouchers for campaigns or Promotional Vouchers.
  • Vouchers and Promotional Vouchers can only be redeemed in the Online-Shop in the Shopping Cart.
  • Only specifically indicated products can be included for these Vouchers and Promotional Vouchers. Other, similar products are excluded.
  • Offers are only valid as long as stocks last. There is no entitlement for replacement products, replacement vouchers or price reductions.
  • Postage and other fees are also incurred for products from special offers and campaigns in the event that these would typically be incurred.
  • If you are sending products to multiple addresses while ordering from one of our campaigns, a seperate order per delivery address will be generated. The conditions for our campaigns can only apply to one order in this case, if the conditions for taking part are met. If a minimum order value is required, these can only be included if they are being delivered to the same address.

Returns and proportional deductions

  • If you use a promotional voucher for an order of multiple products at the same time, for which the voucher is valid, the voucher’s value will be proportionally deducted from the individual prices of these products. This is also the case, if there is a minimum order value for a campaign and the minimum order value has already been reached with one of the ordered products.
  • If you return one or more product/s, the reduced price/s of the returned products respectively will be refunded. If you return one or more product/s from a campaign, for which a minimum order value was present, and retroactively fall below the minimum order value the campaign voucher can not be re-credited. This means, during the refund of the returned products you will be charged for the discounted products which you keep. If you return products purchased using a campaign voucher for a refund the campaign voucher is no longer valid and cannot be reused.
  • If you cancel an order purchased using a voucher before shipment, the used sum is automatically refunded and can be used for your next order
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