Material for Hospice Care

Making the most difficult of last days as dignified as possible for the dying and their loved ones is the goal of hospice care. In this time, pastoral care means accompanying people from life into their eternal life with God's assistance.

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Hospice - Pastoral Support

When a person's life comes to the point where weeks and days are counted, then it's a difficult trauma for all those involved. Often then, a powerlessness envelopes consciousness and people feel alone, they have the impression that they can't move forward without support. But there is still much to be done. The support from carers and palliative doctors doesn't stop and alongside the medical and caring support for the dying, pastoral care offers additional help and support for those affected.

Just like every life and personality is individual so too is each instance of pastoral care. Each death has its own story which is comprised of those who are dying, their loved ones and the surroundings which affect the end of one's life.

In light of this, completely different topics are handled in pastoral care such as consolation for those involved but also the putting together of one's biography. Potentially, practical arrangements and ethical decisions also play a role and can be discussed with professionals. For many, shortly before parting, spiritual questions have a particular significance. Where does life really come from, where does it go and what remains of it afterwards? Questions, which in the everyday life of a healthy person appear to be banal suddenly cause sleepless nights. Because of this, in hospice and pastoral care it isn't a case of doing missionary work and conveying a Christian message but rather empathetic and understanding listening to the person’s questions, recognising their needs and searching for answers together.

A Dignified Farewell

At LOGO, we offer practical guides and ideas for hospice care to enable a dignified goodbye for patients and families. Hospice services attempt to fill the last difficult days with loving and memorable things. Accompanying those from one life into their eternal life isn't easy but it takes place with God's help and with pastoral support. 

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