Pastoral Care in Hospitals

Pastoral care is a form of counselling for people in difficult situations in life. Practical suggestions and guidance approaches, importance impulses and meditative exercises which continue to guide through this time and gift a new zest for life.

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Support with Pastoral Care in Hospitals

Pastoral care in hospitals is a special type of pastoral care most commonly offered by Christian churches within hospitals. This type of pastoral care is mostly practiced by professional pastoral workers such as pastor, deacons or congregational speakers. As well as this, there are also volunteers who are then qualified for the role of pastoral worker by professionals. Pastoral care in hospitals is intended just as much for patients as it is for staff within a clinic.

Such as the name "pastoral care" suggests, it isn't exclusively about the physical suffering of a person, but rather the spiritual burdens and social limitations which come forth with illnesses or any other type of suffering. Questions about the meaning of life and God arise not just with the patient but also the family particularly with serious illnesses, which are in some cases life-threatening.

Sometimes in these moments a friend or family member can't help anymore. That relationship is too close and the pain too raw. In cases like this, pastoral care from the hospital comes into play. Regardless of whether it's just a conversation that isn't about illness, mental support or also advice the pastoral worker can observe the whole situation with distance and generally speaking has a more objective oversight. It can be good for patients, family members and hospital staff and brings with it some much needed change. In difficult times that alone can provide strength and fresh thoughts.

Materials for Pastoral Care

For those working as pastoral workers and who are looking for new inspirations or materials for further training, this is the right place for you here at LOGO. We offer a range of literature with practical suggestions and models for guidance with meditative exercises. Help the ill and those who simply need to talk to get through difficult situations in life. Have an open ear and be sensitive. Because sometimes it's enough just to read from someone's favourite book to get rid of worries and concerns and to give new courage.

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