Baptism and Becoming a Godparent

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Baptism Candle “Symbols” (851049) Baptism Candle “Symbols”
An artistically designed Baptism candle presenting the most important symbols of Baptism in a wonderfully appealing way. Doves, fish and the sun are framed within this candle . The Baptism candle is a symbol of the Christian faith and is...
ab €7.39
Passepartout (591999) Passepartout
This passe-partout has had a window punched free and so the motif decorative sheets from LOGO can really come into their own. With an A3 format and a fold in the middle to fit as A4 as well this passe-partout as a perfect protective case...
ab €1.15
Baptism Candle Path of Life with God (852013) Baptism Candle Path of Life with God
God’s love makes our lives colourful , we can rely on that. His blessing comes towards us on every path. Give this lovely message as a gift in the form of a beautiful Baptism candle. The Baptism candle is a symbol of the Christian faith...
ab €7.39
Baptism Candle Dove large (852025) Baptism Candle Dove large
A Baptism candle with a dynamic and stimulating design . The Baptism candle is a symbol of the Christian faith and is supposed to accompany the person being baptised and illuminate their future path to God. Traditionally it’s lit on an...
ab €7.39
Baptism Candle Wax Motif “Little Feet & Waves in Turquoise (2-25050) Baptism Candle Wax Motif “Little Feet & Waves...
If you’re looking for a small gift for Baptism then you’ve most certainly found just the thing with this turquoise Baptism candle with an impressed wax motif. Different symbols such as the Cross and waves decorate it in an example of...
ab €43.96

Gift Booklets for Baptism and Booklets for Godparents

The Baptism of a child or adult is a particularly special occasion. It's administered as an the baptised person's integration into the congregation or also as a public profession of faith. Through the Baptism it's made visable that God has accepted those being baptised. The consummation of the Baptism represents the visible and perceptible threshold between the old and sin burdened self and the new self and its life in Christ.

The god parents are present during the sacrament and often carry the child being baptised. The name of the god parent is also written in the Church's book. The God parents have the honourable task of accompanying and protecting the baptised child through their worldly and religious development. They are also supposed to morally support the parents when it comes questions regarding the upbringing of the child and are always a trustworthy person to turn to for the child.

In any case, Baptism is a particularly special occasion which is always celebrated with relatives, friends and congregation members. Everyone's together, eating, laughing and celebrating those being baptised who is most cases are still babies.

Almost always the person being baptised is also well gifted. However, becuase becoming a godparent is such a special task the godparent should also be considered here as well as shedding light on their responsibilities and to meet them with appreciation. How about a small present and a few nice and motivating words in light of their future responsibility? Gift which are characterised by a large but non-material value are fitting. How about a gift booklet or booklet for the godparents for the Baptism? Have a look at the LOGO Online-Shop and get inspired!  

Fourging and Keeping Memories of the Baptism and Becoming a Godparent

To keep the lovely memories of the Baptism, the celebrations and the sense of community alive, booklets for the godparents are ideal. In a variety of copies of gift booklets from LOGO's range the topic of being a godparent is covered and explained. Through symbols, images and texts they should gain more of an understanding for the act of Baptism and they will always be reminded of this day.

Gift booklets about Baptism are a nice way to express thanks to the godparent and to show that one's taking their duty very seriously. This is expressed in breathtakingly lovely photos and fantastic texts which symbolise the closeness to God. As well as this, documents like a certificate for the godparent are included. Through appreciation of the godparents the trust of the child being baptised parent's is also affirmed and they can begin their new lives with their child relieved and always count on support.