Grief and Consolation

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Support through Grief

Rites of passageare events where one comes into contact with the Church. Generally they are occasions like Baptisms, Confimations, Weddings and Burials. These rites of passage always have a particular moment in life in the background.

The most upsetting case is naturally burial, when a congregation member or someone close to us passed away. The involement of the Church and particularly the service which the pastor provides is typically requested in these situations and is called an official act.

After the burial itself it is of the upmost importance that the family members are offered support and consolation. They need encoruagement, the feeling of not being alone and to work through the twist of fate together. However, it's sometimes difficult for those outside to get closer to a grieving person and to find the right words to offer condolence.

Consolation in difficult Times

Here at LOGO there are a number of gifts and small presents which are suited for giving to those who are grieving. Lend those grieving your hand and express your condolence with a caring gesture instead of losing yourself in words. Whether it's a simple candle or card with an inspiring Bible verse, there are lots of small impulses which cast light into the dark in the most difficult moments and bring a smile to people's faces.

We offer a huge range of valuable literature for those grieving as well as for those working within the Church which cover the topics of grief and consolation. The most important thing in any case however, is to show a friend, child or congregation member who is grieving that they can rely on those around them and thta they aren't alone during these painful times.

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