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Visiting services are a truly valuable resource for good relationships and Christian love of thy neighbour in the community. Booklets to hand out and gift booklets in appealing styles are exceptional little gifts to bring along. Browse for yourself and make the most of these in our range! 

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Angel with Heart (880396) Angel with Heart
Angels are a sign that God cares for us with his immense love. Knowing that they act as our companions on all of our paths does good for young and old. This pendant is made of metal and is approximately 1mm wide. The decorations are...
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Colourful Hangable Glass Cross (880444) Colourful Hangable Glass Cross
Those who search for God, their hearts will be revived! Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Since his resurrection he ensures that life shines for us in every colour, because he overcame death. A lovely gift for Easter, Communion,...
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Foldable Shopping Bag - Love Faith Hope (LO2466) Foldable Shopping Bag - Love Faith Hope
Say goodbye to plastic bags! They’re being replaced in your everyday with these practical and fashionable folding bags „Love-Faith-Hope“, which fit in any hand bag. Extremely handy when shopping because of their simple and fast use....
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Visiting Services in the Congregation

It's ideal when, even beyond the walls of the parish centre, meetings and meet ups are made possible in a congregation that lives with the concept of loving thy neighbour. Personal conversations, assistance, support and consolation. Whatever is needed in any given moment, a visiting service can fulfill that need. In this way also more elderly or possibly ill members who can no longer take part in normal congregational life can receive pastoral care and familiar conversations.

For the person being visited, contacts are established which will potentially be maintained for a long time to come. In this way, they are still connected and part of the congregation and sense that they are still a valued member, even if regular attendance at Church services isn't possible anymore. Through visiting services, a personal and valuable encounter can be made even for those with somewhat more abstract affiliation to their congregations.

It is also helpful for those working within the Congregation and volunteers to get to know the congregational members better.

Visiting services are often carried out by volunteers who determine the scope of their own work and would like to both develop themselves and help shape their congregation. It isn't uncommon that the service is run by seniors who are still in good health themselves and want to share some neighbourly love with others. The commitment in their voluntary and pastoral work is ideal for this.

Religious Gifts for Visiting Services

For those who would like to bring a little bit more than their presence and openness for a conversation with them to visits is in exactly the right place with LOGO! There are booklets to share and gift booklets in varied forms and styles and bear alongside good wishes and Christian values.

Alongside the visits and meet ups with volunteers, there are many lonely people who would really like to be read to. For this reason, we offer a selection of literature which offers something for the volunteers as well as those being visited. For each season and every time of year we have wonderful stories, consoling and reinvigorating tales, as well as tricky puzzles / mysteries. In this way seniors and the unwell can have some variety in their everyday and be challenged. Loving thy neighbour isn't difficult. You're always rewarded with heartful thanks. 

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