Crosses & Crucifixes

Whether it’s a badge, cross necklace or cross to be hung on the wall; be it made of wood, glass, bronze, stainless steel or olive wood from Palestine in different shapes and formats - they're all a sign of Christian life.

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Olive Wood Cross Pendant with Leather Band (880011) Olive Wood Cross Pendant with Leather Band
A particularly special olive wood cross from Palestine. Including brown leather band (approx. 100cm), which the pendant can be attached to. Versatile and pleasant in your hands . As it’s a natural product some grains within the wood may...
From €2.49 *
Shareable Crosses “May God’s Blessing be with you” (880264) Shareable Crosses “May God’s Blessing be with you”
With the strong symbolism of the cross in conjunction with the beautiful motif by the renown artist Yvonne Hoppe-Engbring children can ceremonially get to grips with the cross, both metaphorically and physically, at the start of school...
From €0.39 *
Colourful Hangable Glass Cross (880444) Colourful Hangable Glass Cross
Those who search for God, their hearts will be revived! Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Since his resurrection he ensures that life shines for us in every colour, because he overcame death. A lovely gift for Easter, Communion,...
From €4.39 *
Hand Cross – Olive Wood Cross (888018) Hand Cross – Olive Wood Cross
A hand cross made of olive wood in a symbolic shape which represents crossover between an angel and a cross. An environmentally friendly, exclusive gift from Palestine for God parents, parents, grandparents, for recollecting Baptisms as...
From €2.69 *
Wooden Cross – Olive Wood Cross (880012) Wooden Cross – Olive Wood Cross
A particularly special type of olive wood cross from Palestine . Each cross is individually produced by hand. An exclusive, environmentally friendly gift for colleagues, volunteers, rounds men, women’s circles and much more Olive trees...
From €2.89 *
Gift Pouch Rainbow (920005) Gift Pouch Rainbow
This lovely gift box made of stirdy cardboard offers lots of space for a variety of gifts with its appealing shape and is decorated with a friendly " Rainbow “ motif. Give one of our many cross necklases or wall crosses, for example.
From €0.49 *
Wall Cross – Those Who Believe Are Never Alone (880210) Wall Cross – Those Who Believe Are Never Alone
This modern wall cross is an exclusive gift confirmees , first communicant, colleagues, volunteer and those celebrating their birthdays. The cross is the most important Christian symbol and finds its place in the middle of our lives as...
From €4.69 *
Cross Necklace You Surround Me From All Sides (880266) Cross Necklace You Surround Me From All Sides
A cross necklace in a slightly curved design. Including a black cord (approx. 65 cm) with clasp, individually packed in transparent bags. The cross is a lovely gift for a number of occasions. The cross is the most important Christian...
From €3.79 *
Cross Pendant Enamel (880163) Cross Pendant Enamel
This colourful cross pendant with cord with silver details makes for a lovely birthday present , gift for Communion or for a number of other occasions . The rainbow is a symbol of peace and connectedness. After the Flood, God made a...
From €3.79 *
Cross Pendant with Heart (880429) Cross Pendant with Heart
Jesus has a central place in our hearts – Our hearts are for Jesus! It’s God’s love which shapes our lives. God lives where you let him in. This cross with a heart in the middle reminds us again and again that we need to keep our hearts...
€1.99 * €3.99 *
Cross Pendant Ichthys, Antique-Silver-Tone (880142) Cross Pendant Ichthys, Antique-Silver-Tone
The shape of the cross represents our faith and hope. These precious-metal, antique-silver-tone pendants with 65cm black textile cords are individually packed. The Icthys symbol comes from Greek and means “ fish “. Early Christian used...
From €3.79 *
Standing Cross Olive Wood (888019) Standing Cross Olive Wood
These individually hand-made olive wood crosses from Palestine stand firmly on any surface. Each and every one makes for a unique and environmentally friendly gift for your colleagues, volunteers, roundsmen, women’s circles and much...
From €3.99 *
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Crosses & Crucifixes made of Wood, Glass, Bronze, Slate or Stainless steel

In the LOGO Online-Shop you'll find a variety of crosses and crucifixes made of wood, glass, bronze, slate or stainless steel. Poured into their molds and elegantly designed with colour and text or image imprints. Be it a cross or crucifix with a base, cross necklace, cross to be hung up; modern, classic, original or traditional our huge range has something for every heart's desire.

Discover Crosses & Crucifixes in a Range of Designs online

The cross is the most important symbol in the Christian faith and the sign of Jesus Christ's suffering up until his crucifixion. Crosses and crucifixes are an everyday companion for many millions of Christians all around the globe and a valuable ornament in every church. In this category from LOGO you'll get to know crosses and crucifixes, from classic to artistic, in their many permutations which you can hang up, wear as a pendant or find a place for in your home or church. In the LOGO Online-Shop both children and adults can find fitting crosses and crucifixes to symbolically live out their faith and to sense a closeness to God.

Christian Crosses - unmistakable Symbols of Faith

A cross or crucifix has its place in any Christian household and is often connected to the imparting of blessings. Classic crosses and crucifixes for your wall are commonly hung above the threshold of a home or in the living room, whereas crucifixes made of bronze make for eye-catchers on shelves, side boards and chests of drawers. Purchasing a cross or crucifix allows you to experience the special meaning of the symbol in your own home as well. In larger formats a cross or crucifix is an ideal piece of furniture for the church or congregation hall to put the symbol of the Lord into the heart of the Church’s congregational work or Church services.

Discover Crosses & Crucifixes in many lovely Styles

Browsing through the LOGO Online-Shop you'll discover a myriad of modern styles waiting to be found alongside the traditional crosses and crucifixes. Young Christian households in particular choose Christian crosses in somewhat more abstract styles, while children are drawn to colourful crosses made of wood with age-appropriate motifs. Among our creative variations are:

• Crosses and Crucifixes made of Bronze
• Crosses and Crucifixes made of Metal
• Crosses and Crucifixes made of Wood
• Crosses and Crucifixes for consolation which are pleasant to the touch

Making up LOGO's product variety, we also offer crosses for the dying, for the difficult hours of life, as well as cross- and crucifix chains which accompany you during the everyday and fit in among any wardrobe. Should you already have a fitting chain, you can beautify it with a cross pendant which LOGO also has in multiple sizes, materials and designs.

Make your Cross a truly special Gift Idea

Christian crosses aren't only popular for church work and as decorations for the home but also make for a dignified present for a number of Christian occasions. Purchase and pass on a cross to children or adults for some of the following occasions:

• for Communions or Confirmations
• at a Church Jubilee
• for a Birthday
• for a priestly Ordination

Magnetic crosses and crucifixes, crosses for children, crosses for your wall as well as much more provide a genuine excitement and symbolically strengthen the faith for the recipient.

Purchase your next Cross or Crucifix from the LOGO Online-Shop at a great Price!

Discover first-hand the symbolic power Christian crosses radiate and get a hold of them from the LOGO Online-Shop. Our range contains suitable accessories depending on the type of cross or crucifix, for example bases to safely stand your crosses on or decorative necklaces for your cross pendants. With the help of our crosses and crucifixes you can bring your faith into the everyday and at the same time discover how a Christian cross can be an aesthetic piece in your home.

If you would like to combine crosses or crucifixes with other Christian presents, then the LOGO Online-Shop offers a myriad of loving suggestions. Browse through our gifts for Baptisms or Communions to spread joy even to the little ones. Our Christian jewellery is waiting to be found. Complimenting pendants in the shape of the cross from LOGO, our Christian jewellery subtly adds class to everything from church services to private occasions. We further sweeten purchasing your next cross or crucifix from the LOGO Online-Shop with attractive prices and our friendly customer service!

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