Crosses for the Dying made of Wood and Metal

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Crosses for the Dying for a dignified Parting

Crosses for the dying are widespread in the Catholic faith. They are placed on the bed of the dying and are intended to put the departed in the charge of the Lord after death. Correspondingly, the crosses for the dying are finely and gracefully designed and can be purchased in a number of varieties in the LOGO Online-Shop. In this way, we ensure the variations to be held by the departing will offer them and their family hope in the most difficult moments of life.

Graceful Hand Crosses for the Death Bed

Crosses for the dying are typically crafted in the form of a cross of Lazarus which, like Jesus Christ, acts as a symbol of the resurrection after death. Crosses for the dying are intended to make clear that things continue after death and that God has promised his followers life ever after. Traditionally crosses for the dying are lifted by the priest to be kissed by the dying, alternatively crosses for the dying can be firmly held by the dying as a reassurance in their final moments.

In LOGO's range you'll find crosses for the dying as well as Christian crosses and crucifixes for your wall as well as to be stood up. With some of the following, the space around the death bed can be gracefully laid out and surrounded by symbols of the Lord.

• Crosses for the wall made of ebony
• Collapsible and foldable crosses for the dying in black or white
• Bronze crosses with loving motifs

As well as traditional designs for crosses for the dying, the LOGO Online-Shop also offers crosses and crucifixes with mottos and Bible Verses. These offer the departing and their family additional consolation and create a dignified ambience.

Order Christian Crosses and Crucifixes for a Number of other Occasions

Alongside crosses for the dying you'll find other products from LOGO which you can search for the closeness of God with at any stage of life. Discover for example cross necklaces and chains, crucifix pendants or perhaps a rosary for the reflective prayers for the departed. Our crosses, crucifixes and other Christian symbols will help you to overcome even the most difficult of hours. 

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