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Colourful Hangable Glass Cross (880444) Colourful Hangable Glass Cross
Those who search for God, their hearts will be revived! Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Since his resurrection he ensures that life shines for us in every colour, because he overcame death. A lovely gift for Easter, Communion,...
ab €5.69 €5.99 *
Wooden Cross – Olive Wood Cross (880012) Wooden Cross – Olive Wood Cross
A particularly special type of olive wood cross from Palestine . Each cross is individually produced by hand. An exclusive, environmentally friendly gift for colleagues, volunteers, rounds men, women’s circles and much more. Please note...
ab €2.89
Wall Cross – Those Who Believe Are Never Alone (880210) Wall Cross – Those Who Believe Are Never Alone
This modern wall cross is an exclusive gift confirmees , first communicant, colleagues, volunteer and those celebrating their birthdays. The cross is the most important Christian symbol and finds its place in the middle of our lives as...
ab €5.69
Wall Cross – “Faith in God” (880480) Wall Cross – “Faith in God”
A decorative wall cross which is immensely powerful with its symbolism . A lovely alternative to cross pendants for confirmations. As well as this a wonderful gift for visits to the unwell, for birthdays or as a gift for Baptisms. Size:...
ab €6.69
Hand Cross (820043) Hand Cross
People in need of support are at the heart of the work of the Bodelschwinghschen Institute, Bethel . In Bethel’s various institutions more than 100,000 ill people, people with disabilities and socially disadvantaged people are personally...
ab €4.79
Slate Cross (2-154622) Slate Cross
Slate cross with corpus and a robust mounting bracket and wonderfully suited as a wall cross. Sacred art and hand-made art work characterised by Christianity have a long tradition in the Kevelaer pilgrimage site. Within these slate...
ab €17.54
Decorative Bronze Cross (2-143773) Decorative Bronze Cross
If you’re looking for an exquisite decorative bronze cross then you’re certainly in the right place here at LOGO. The cross is the most important Christian symbol and finds its place in the middle of our lives as the symbol of faith, as...
ab €46.96
Glass Cuboid for Hanging up “Cross” (2-630273) Glass Cuboid for Hanging up “Cross”
This colourfully designed glass cuboid relief is modern and timeless . Thanks to its firm mounting bracket it can be quickly and easily affixed anywhere. The cross is the most important Christian symbol and finds its place in the middle...
ab €19.54
Marriage Cross Bronze (2-143780) Marriage Cross Bronze
If you’re looking for an exquisite marriage cross made of bronze , you’re certainly in the right place here at LOGO. The cross is the most important Christian symbol and finds its place in the middle of our lives as the symbol of faith,...
ab €36.96
Symbolic Cross “Fish” Bronze (2-143784) Symbolic Cross “Fish” Bronze
A fitting gift for Baptisms . This lovely symbolic cross with an Ichthys motif made of bronze. The Ichthys symbol comes from Greek and means “ fish “. Early Christian used the fish during the times of persecution as a secret symbol of...
ab €27.54
Acrylic Glass Cross with Fish Symbol Broken Into Two (2-610036) Acrylic Glass Cross with Fish Symbol Broken...
A modern acrylic glass cross with a fish symbol broken into two. The fish wasn’t chosen at random, but rather has two meanings. Firstly, it refers Mark 1:17 where Jesus called upon Simon (who was later named Peter) and his brother Andrew...
ab €28.54
Porcelain “God’s Blessing” (BB2-640114) Porcelain “God’s Blessing”
This child’s cross crafted from high-quality porcelain captivates with its loving aesthetic along with its precise workmanship. It measures at 6.5 x 11cm and is perfectly suited for beautifully decorating play- and children’s rooms....
ab €9.50 €9.90 *
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Wooden and Metal Wall Crosses

Whether they’re made of wonderful wood, fine bronze, precious slate or shimmering glass - with LOGO you'll find a large selection of truly varied wall crosses. They highlight the presence of God and our faith and decorate every room as well. Ideal as a present for Communion, Confirmation, housewarming, new arrivals or simply as a gift lovingly selected for those whose wellbeing is most important to you.

Wall Crosses - Magnificent Decoration for Christian Households

As the most important symbol in the Christian faith the cross can be found in more or less every Christian household. With a cross for your wall you're choosing one of the most popular permutations. Crosses and crucifixes tend to be hung above entrances to the home or as religious decoration in the living room. The LOGO Online-Shop offers you wall crosses made of robust materials such as bronze or brass in multiple designs acting as an attractive eye-catcher which you can enrich your Christian household with. You'll also find variations such as the classic wooden wall crosses in the LOGO Online-Shop.  

Bring your Faith into your Everyday with a Wall Cross

The cross commemorates the suffering of Jesus Christ and is an important symbol reminding us that God's Son died for our sins. Alongside use in churches, the cross is also often hung in in private households to further express faith and to make God a daily companion. Together with graceful permutations for living spaces, the LOGO Online-Shop offers varieties such as wall crosses for children which fit perfectly into a child's room with their colourful design.  

With small loops and hooks each of our crosses can be easily hung up on any wall without struggling with a hammer and nails. Apart from enriching your own household, a wall cross is also an attractive gift idea, for example for the following occasions:

• for Confirmations or Communions
• for Ordinations
• as a blessing for housewarmings
• for special Christian occasions

Depending on the occasion we offer other Christian crosses and crucifixes from the LOGO range. For example, choose a standing cross including its base for your prayer table or express your faith actively with cross pendants as compliments for your wardrobe.

Purchase your Wall Cross made of Wood, Steel and More in the LOGO Online-Shop

Whether it’s a children's wall cross or a precious brass variation for adults, a wall cross is one of the most thoughtful and dignified gift ideas for Christians around. From LOGO you can order classic or modern wall crosses at a great price while we ensure an attractive selection of crosses made of stainless steel, wood and other materials.

Alongside classic wall crosses discover cross necklaces and cross pendants from LOGO or perhaps a stylish rosary for your daily prayers. Immerse yourself in the creative variety of our wall crosses in the LOGO Online-Shop and make the most of our wall crosses made of glass, metal or wood at an attractive price!