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Olive Wood Cross Pendant with Leather Band (880011) Olive Wood Cross Pendant with Leather Band
A particularly special olive wood cross from Palestine. Including brown leather band (approx. 100cm), which the pendant can be attached to. Versatile and pleasant in your hands . As it’s a natural product some grains within the wood may...
ab €2.49
Hand Cross – Olive Wood Cross (888018) Hand Cross – Olive Wood Cross
A hand cross made of olive wood in a symbolic shape which represents crossover between an angel and a cross. An environmentally friendly, exclusive gift from Palestine for God parents, parents, grandparents, for recollecting Baptisms as...
ab €2.69
Wooden Cross – Olive Wood Cross (880012) Wooden Cross – Olive Wood Cross
A particularly special type of olive wood cross from Palestine . Each cross is individually produced by hand. An exclusive, environmentally friendly gift for colleagues, volunteers, rounds men, women’s circles and much more. Please note...
ab €2.89
Standing Cross Olive Wood (888019) Standing Cross Olive Wood
These individually hand-made olive wood crosses from Palestine stand firmly on any surface. Each and every one makes for a unique and environmentally friendly gift for your colleagues, volunteers, roundsmen, women’s circles and much...
ab €3.99
Olive Wood Cross Pendant (880206) Olive Wood Cross Pendant
An olive wood cross from Palestine with included cotton cord. Within the cross, another silver cross is embedded. A lovely gift idea for Confirmation, birthdays or for other occasions . Olive trees grow in the Holy Land. An evergreen...
ab €5.65
Cross Pendant made of Olive Wood with Cord (880127) Cross Pendant made of Olive Wood with Cord
This particularly special cross pendant comes from Palestine . It is made from olive wood and therefore some beautifully varied wood grain is present. A black cord (approx. 70cm) is included. Olive trees grow in the Holy Land. An...
ab €2.89
Hand Cross (820043) Hand Cross
People in need of support are at the heart of the work of the Bodelschwinghschen Institute, Bethel . In Bethel’s various institutions more than 100,000 ill people, people with disabilities and socially disadvantaged people are personally...
ab €4.79
Light Cross (4260175271070) Light Cross
This high-quality “light cross” symbolises our lives and its contradictions with its bright and dark layers. By placing it in a bright place or in front of a light source the cross light up and shines with a mild orange tone. In this way...
ab €23.00
Wooden Cross Luther Rose (880405) Wooden Cross Luther Rose
These lovely wooden cross with an exquisite Luther Rose motif makes for an eye-catcher with a Christian message. The cross is the most important Christian symbol and finds its place in the middle of our lives as the symbol of faith, as a...
Wooden Cross – Tau Cross (880475) Wooden Cross – Tau Cross
High–quality wooden cross in a 3 x 4.5cm size including a 90cm long cord. A symbol of blessing which shows us that Jesus is close to us at all times and accompanies us on all our paths . The cross is the most important Christian symbol...
ab €1.69

Wooden Crosses as Necklaces, Pendants and Crosses for your Wall

A cross or crucifix is more than a piece of jewellery or decoration. It's a commitment to Christian values and an ideal gift for children and adults at a number of occasions. In the LOGO Online-Shop you'll find a large selection of wooden crosses and crucifixes made of a number of types of wood such as beech, oak, maple, olive, larch or basswood. Additionally, you'll find painted crosses and crucifixes in different combinations of wood and metal as well as different types of wood.

Wooden Crosses: Natural Eye-Catchers for Church and at Home

Wooden crosses and crucifixes are one of the nicest ways to integrate the most important symbol in Christianity into your own life or into congregational work. Purchasing a cross or crucifix online from the LOGO Online-Shop offers you a wide range of designs and materials. Wooden crosses and crucifixes make for fantastic eye-catchers for children and adults which are close to nature. You can also make a wooden cross pendant on a necklace a daily companion for men, women and Christians of all generations that you can order from us online at a great price.

Discover Wooden Crosses in a Number of Variations online

Wooden crosses and crucifixes are also particularly popular as children's crosses by virtue of their light weight and the simplicity their designs. For something to give for Communion or Baptism wooden crosses and crucifixes are perfectly suited for a child's room and with their rounded edges they’re gifts which are suitable for children. As well as this, discover wooden crosses and crucifixes in numerous different sizes including some of the following from LOGO:

• Wooden Crosses as pendants with or without chains
• As free-standing Crosses or Crucifixes for Church or Congregation Centres
• As a small talisman for private use
• As a colourful piece of art with Bible Verses and biblical images

For jewellery collectors our wooden crosses with necklaces are the preferred choice. You can also discover necklaces with crosses made of metal and other materials from LOGO. The same applies for free-standing crosses and crosses with bases. By purchasing these core and decorative elements you can live out your faith, from Bible circles to private prayer corners in your own home. 

Order Wooden Crosses and more Gift Ideas for Christians

From wooden crosses and crucifixes as pendants to crosses for the dying to crosses for your wall and everything in between that imparts a blessing, you'll find the fitting cross or crucifix for every occasion from LOGO. Enjoy these in your own home or pass it on as a lovely gift which will draw gazes with their Bible Verses and biblical motifs.

Just like wooden crosses and crucifixes, you can buy your next rosary or create a dignified church- or congregational atmosphere in your own home.