Learn to pray in a playful Way with Prayer Dice

Prayer dice double the fun of prayer! Children quickly get accustomed to the ritual of saying grace or praying before bed. By virtue of their colourful pictures, the dice are very appealingly designed.

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Prayer Dice for Children, saying Grace and Prayers in the Morning and Evening.

Lovely prayer dice made of natural wood or painted with wonderful images are very popular in the LOGO Online-Shop. There's a selection of Grace prayers, evening prayers and blessings for young and old. Children can be introduced to prayer in a playful way. Simply roll the dice and let yourself be surprised by which of the six different prayers is rolled. A small gift for birthdays, Christenings, first Communions and for many more occasions.

Prayer Dice: Choose Prayers with a playful Note!

In many households, saying grace and praying before bed simply belongs to our daily lives. If you're looking for inspiration with regards to small prayers to provide some variety to saying grace and praying before bed, then the prayer dice in this category are a great choice. Designed as prayer dice for children and adults, each time you can determine anew how you would like to thank God for a delicious meal or for a new day.

It's often particularly difficult for young Christians to express their gratitude or hopes in a prayer. Rolling dice and reading prayers aloud can help in a playful way. A nice variation with prayer dice is expanding upon the given expression of thanks and prayers on their own. 

Creatively choose how you say Grace with Prayer Dice

All the prayer dice in this category are in a large format, crafted from robust wood and lovingly painted as well as decorated with sayings. There is a small prayer on each of the six dice faces which fit the respective occasions such as lunchtime or an evening meal. It's a lot of fun! Particularly for your children rolling a child's prayer dice before dinner to pray with the whole family. In this way the belief in God is integrated into everyday life. Naturally the prayer dice bring a playful note into the dining room and thereby create a relaxed and joyful atmosphere.

Christian Dice Fun for Young and Old

The most popular variation of this category is the child's prayer dice which is used to say grace. The selection in the LOGO Online-Shop goes beyond this and offers lovely prayer dice for lots of occasions, for example:

•Prayer dice for evening prayers
•Asking for God's blessing
•"The Good Shephard" Dice
•Guardian Angel prayers

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