Religious Gifts for those being Baptised and Godparents

Baptism is the visible sign that God has accepted us. For this occasion, you'll find a large selection of certification Letters for Godparents as well as books with inspirations and practical tips for this special day.

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Hand Cross – Olive Wood Cross (888018) Hand Cross – Olive Wood Cross
A hand cross made of olive wood in a symbolic shape which represents crossover between an angel and a cross. An environmentally friendly, exclusive gift from Palestine for God parents, parents, grandparents, for recollecting Baptisms as...
ab €2.69
Baptism Candle “Symbols” (851049) Baptism Candle “Symbols”
An artistically designed Baptism candle presenting the most important symbols of Baptism in a wonderfully appealing way. Doves, fish and the sun are framed within this candle . The Baptism candle is a symbol of the Christian faith and is...
ab €7.39
Passepartout (591999) Passepartout
This passe-partout has had a window punched free and so the motif decorative sheets from LOGO can really come into their own. With an A3 format and a fold in the middle to fit as A4 as well this passe-partout as a perfect protective case...
ab €1.15
Baptism Candle Dove large (852025) Baptism Candle Dove large
A Baptism candle with a dynamic and stimulating design . The Baptism candle is a symbol of the Christian faith and is supposed to accompany the person being baptised and illuminate their future path to God. Traditionally it’s lit on an...
ab €7.39
Baptism Candle Modern Motif Blue (851144) Baptism Candle Modern Motif Blue
A blue coloured candle with a modern design that can be given as a wonderful gift for Baptisms. Different symbols such as angels and fish decorate this candle in an example of intricate artistic work . The Baptism candle is a symbol of...
ab €7.39
Baptism Candle Modern Motif Pink (851145) Baptism Candle Modern Motif Pink
A pink coloured candle with a modern design that can be given as a wonderful gift for Baptisms . Different symbols such as angels and fish decorate this candle in an example of intricate artistic work . The Baptism candle is a symbol of...
ab €7.39
Scallop Shells of St. James – Take on Blessings (888913) Scallop Shells of St. James – Take on Blessings
Scallop shells such as these were carried and worn by pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela , the final resting place of St. James the Greater, one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus . They were thereby under special protection...
ab €1.99
Baptism Candle with Print Motif “Tree of Life, Fish & Wave” (2-25058) Baptism Candle with Print Motif “Tree of Life,...
The tree of life decorates this Baptism candle as a symbol of hope . This candle can be given as a wonderful gift for Baptisms. Symbols such as fish and waves decorate it further in an example of intricate artistic work . The Baptism...
ab €18.54
Baptism Candle Wax Motif “Little Feet & Waves in Turquoise (2-25050) Baptism Candle Wax Motif “Little Feet & Waves...
If you’re looking for a small gift for Baptism then you’ve most certainly found just the thing with this turquoise Baptism candle with an impressed wax motif. Different symbols such as the Cross and waves decorate it in an example of...
ab €43.96
Symbolic Cross “Fish” Bronze (2-143784) Symbolic Cross “Fish” Bronze
A fitting gift for Baptisms . This lovely symbolic cross with an Ichthys motif made of bronze. The Ichthys symbol comes from Greek and means “ fish “. Early Christian used the fish during the times of persecution as a secret symbol of...
ab €27.54
Scatter-Fish-Décor (BR92622) Scatter-Fish-Décor
A bag full of scatter-décor in the shape of the Ichthys. The fish are 2.5 x 1cm large, are crafted from wood and are brown, green and blue in colour. Wonderfully fitting as table décor for Christian celebrations such as Baptisms, first...
Little Serviettes Blue (940046) Little Serviettes Blue
A beautiful, decorative serviette to celebrate new arrivals. Little blue feet decorate these serviettes. As well as for new-borns, these serviettes make for wonderful little motifs for first Communions, Confirmations and particularly for...
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Gifts for Baptism

In the Church, Baptisms are among one of the initiation sacraments firstly and at the same time, one of the most important sacraments in Christianity. In the LOGO Online-Shop you'll find lots of long-lasting gift ideas for this meaningful celebration. Whether it's a photo album for the Baptism, gift sets, wooden crosses, special crosses for Baptism, fitting congratulations cards or Baptism ribbons. You can order everything simply from LOGO and within a few days have it in your hands.

Baptism - Order wonderful Gifts, Decorations and more from LOGO

Baptism is the first step into the Christian way of life and is normally celebrated in style with family and friends. Through Baptism, the child being baptised is accepted into the Christian community which traditionally takes place a few weeks after birth. For this occasion, friends and relatives want to congratulate the new arrival with small gifts for the Baptism and welcome them to the congregation. You'll find a wide range of wonderful gifts for Baptism from LOGO, accompanied with creative inspirations for Church Services, decorations and more.

Baptism - The first Christian Sacrament in Life

The origin of the Christian Baptism lies in the New Testament. There, it is a symbol for conversion (repentance) and the forgiving of one's sins. In the Church, the significance is carried forward. Baptism is the commitment to Christian life. Through Baptism the child is accepted into the Christian community.

As children are baptised, parents and godparents represent the child and vow to raise them according to Christian values. In the church, through Confirmation the baptised's profession of faith is reaffirmed in memory of the Baptism and they then receive the sacrament of the Eucharist.

During the Baptism service, there are different central elements which symbolise the profession of faith to God and the forgiving of one's sins. They're typically accompanied by a reading, songs, intercessions and blessings. At the beginning of a Catholic Baptism the person being baptised receives a sign of the cross in chrism oil which represents the trinity (Father, Son & Holy Spirit). Kings and prophets were anointed with the chrism oil in biblical times. "Christus" means "the anointed", and this is where the significance of the chrism finds its origin. With the chrism oil and the symbol of the cross, it is shown that the newly baptisted person now belongs to Jesus and should share their faith.

The water also presents a further, central, visible element of the Baptism. Through the submersion in water the burial and resurrection with Jesus Christ is symbolised which is contemporarily expressed through the pouring of holy water over the head at the baptismal font. Freed from sin and as though born again, the child being baptised is laid in a white Christening robe. It represents the purity - free of sin - following the Baptism.

After this spiritual act, religious gifts are often given to the newly baptised child or to the parents at a celebration with family or the congregation afterwards. From further afield Christian cards are often sent.

What Meaning does a Baptism Candle have?

Within the frame of a Church Service for Baptisms, special candles are lit. The so-called Baptism Candles serve firstly to let the Light of Christ shine onto the new member of the congregation. They are lit from the Paschal candle through which the light of Christ is symbolically transmitted to the newly baptised. Baptism Candles are also valuable keepsakes which are supposed to accompany the faithful through their life. In this way, the candle is supposed to presented and lit again during further stages of your Christian life such as Communion, Confirmation, or Weddings. In many Catholic households this is a tradition in that the candle becomes a companion for one's faith for years to come. In our Christian Online-Shop we have a huge range of Baptism Candles for boys and girls.

What are popular Gift Ideas for Baptisms?

The range of gift ideas for Baptisms is similarly large to that of other sacraments and Christian celebrations. Many gifts take into account to the young age of the newly baptised and have more of a symbolic meaning. Others can be intended more for the parents of the baptised or later on in life bring a smile to the baptised's face. Some of the lovely gift ideas we have in the LOGO Online-Shop are:

• Photo- and Memory Albums
• Guardian Angels and similar Figures
• Picture Books with Christian Contents
• Wooden Crosses with Motives for a child's room
• Gift sets made up of a number products

Naturally other inspirations from other LOGO categories are fitting as gifts for Baptisms. Here you can buy religious bracelets or get inspired by more Christian decorations for children's bedrooms.

Gifts for Guests at Baptisms - Small thoughtful Gifts as a Thank You

Whether at the Church Service or at the celebration afterwards - with LOGO you'll also find small gifts for guests at Baptisms. Gifts for guests at Baptisms are a little thoughtful something for the guests of the newly baptised. They express the gratitude for the celebration together and should serve as a keepsake for the festivities surrounding the Baptism. Have a look for yourself which products we have in the LOGO Online-Shop that speak to you and will be a lovely gift for everyone at the Baptism. Here, small products with Christian symbolism are particularly popular, such as key chains with Christian symbols for example, or small candle jars with warm thanks or a blessing. With a gift like one of these you'll give your guests a keepsake for their path which they will be able to use for a long time to come and which will ensure the memory of the Baptism's celebrations remains for a long time to come. 

Cards - Congratulations to the newly Baptised!

Not every present for a birth or Baptism can be given in person by friends or relatives. In these cases, Baptism cards from the LOGO Online-Shop's range are a particularly popular alternative. Get your greetings across with these cards and extend your personal thoughts, feelings and words to the newly baptised. Naturally you can use these cards as an addition to other gifts for Baptisms, to express your thoughts and well wishes. In much the same way, hand-written cards with motifs also present lovely Confirmation gifts.

Guest Books and Memory Albums for Baptisms

For the congregation and more personally for everyone involved, Baptisms are an unforgettable occasion. With a memory album and a guest book this truly special day is even easier to keep in living memory in the future. Ask your guests to immortalise the day with personal words in a book and similarly in cards to express their best wishes for newly baptised. As the baptised becomes older they'll happily look through their photo album or memory album and see first-hand how lovingly and personally they were accepted into the religious community.

Decorations for Baptisms

Many of the products from the LOGO Online-Shop aren't only intended as gifts for godparents, friends, and relatives. Take advantage of our decorations, design- and layout ideas for your Church services and the celebrations afterwards to have the Baptism take place in a wonderful way. Perhaps you would like to have a special theme or watch word for the up-coming Baptism, or you have particular expectations for the colours and designs. Pick up these candles, table decorations and other elements for the lay-out and room design which you'll find as decorations from LOGO. 

By the way! Many products from our range aren't just fitting for a Baptism but also become wonderful and varied furnishings and parts of Churches and congregation centres. Private Christians are just as keen to make the most of these gift ideas and achieve a wonderful and varied design for their Christian establishments.

LOGO Online-Shop - Your Partner for every Type of Christian Gifts

If you're looking for gifts with a Christian charm for a Baptism, Comfirmation, a birthday or other occasions in life, LOGO is always your partner! In our range you'll find angels and guardian angels which won't only excite children of any age. You’ll also find Christian children's books or decoration for children’s rooms from LOGO which can be passed on at or after the Baptism. Ordered at a low-price in our Online-Shop, your up-coming Baptism and every other celebration will be a wonderful one with loving Christian character.