Gifts to Celebrate New Arrivals

God loves you! It's lovely when even the youngest among us grow up with the Christian faith from the very beginning. With LOGO you'll find bibs, teething rings and toys with a biblical background for babies. You’ll also find quotes from the Bible or loving assurances from our heavenly Father from LOGO.

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Cuddly Bunny (UL1103) Cuddly Bunny
With this cute and cuddly toy everyone can snuggle and sleep tightly. You don’t need to worry about squeezing this bunny . Its fur is made of 100% polyester and is extremely soft and can be easily washed by hand at 30°C. Delivered in an...
ab €12.85
Serviettes Fish Rainbow (940045) Serviettes Fish Rainbow
This set of 20 serviettes makes for lovely décor for your home, the congregation or at work. The serviettes match wonderfully with a number of products from LOGO’s range with their appealing motif.
Little Serviettes Blue (940046) Little Serviettes Blue
A beautiful, decorative serviette to celebrate new arrivals. Little blue feet decorate these serviettes. As well as for new-borns, these serviettes make for wonderful little motifs for first Communions, Confirmations and particularly for...
Little Serviettes Pink (940047) Little Serviettes Pink
A beautiful, decorative serviette to celebrate new arrivals. Little pink feet decorate these serviettes. As well as for new-borns, these serviettes make for wonderful little motifs for first Communions, Confirmations and particularly for...
Candle Rainbow Fish (AM5191) Candle Rainbow Fish
This candle with a rainbow motif makes for a lovely piece of décor for at home, the congregation or at work. This candle fits beautifully with its motif for a range of our birthday booklets . Burning time approx. 35 hours
Little Feet Candle Blue (AM2821) Little Feet Candle Blue
This beautiful, decorative candle celebrates new arrivals. Little blue feet decorate the candle and highlight the little ones who have either just joined us or are beginning their own path. As well as for new-borns, these candles make...

Gifts to Celebrate Birth

You'll find wonderful Christian gifts to celebrate the birth of a child here at LOGO. Greet the new little citizen of the world with a lovingly designed quote board, a book fitting for boys or girls, an appealingly designed cross for the wall or a photo album with blessings and space for photos as a long-lasting place for memories. Cards with a guardian angel to make it a more personal greeting nicely round the gift off.

Order Christian Gifts from LOGO to Celebrate New Arrivals

Birth is one of the most beautiful events in life bar none. In Christian households it is common to surprise the new little citizen of the world with birthday presents with a religious touch and in this way to smooth the path to God already. Lovely gifts to celebrate the new arrivals will excite parents and children equally and make for great memories which will be fondly looked back on for decades to come. You'll find a wide variety of lovely gift ideas to celebrate new-borns with LOGO and to thrill parents and children alike.

Birth - A Meaningful Event, not just for Christians

The birth of a child is hardly comparable with any other experience. Friends, relatives and colleagues rush to congratulate the couple for the birth. The LOGO Online-Shop offers truly varied options for this and has attractive gift ideas all to do with new arrivals ready to go. Gifts for the birth of a child with a Christian background are often connected with blessings for the new-born to wish them the best before Baptism.

The numerous gift ideas to celebrate births in the LOGO Online-Shop don't just put the Christian character in the focus on its own. With a photo album you can immortalise and hold onto the first days and weeks of the baby's life and thrill non-Christian households alike. Other products in the category make for great gifts for Baptism and can be passed on only a few weeks following the child's birth. Find out for yourself which Christian gifts fire you up and become more than a thoughtful gift to celebrate a child's birth.

Find the right Baby Presents to Celebrate Babies’ Births

If you're looking for high-quality presents for a child's birth with a high sentimental value, you'll quickly find just what you're looking for from LOGO! With years of experience behind us, our Online-Shop offers fitting inspirations for numerous occasions in Christian and daily life. Browse through some of the following Christian gifts for babies' births:

• Wooden Crosses with affectionate Mottos and Sayings
• Decorative Motto Boards to be hung up
• Picture books with Christian backgrounds
• Candles and Candle Jars

LOGO offers a number of Christian gift ideas to celebrate births in a special way. A decorative flair is in the foreground with many of our products and thanks to the high quality of LOGO's gifts they become fantastic reminders over the years. Our gifts to celebrate births are perfectly suited for friends, relatives, work colleagues and others in the parents' lives and will win you over with their high-quality and lovely crafting.

LOGO accompanies you while you search for gifts throughout the young person's whole life. For example, to find the right little presents to give for the first Communion or Confirmation. Get inspired by the huge variety online and experience more than just our gifts for new arrivals. We have a number of highlights which you can spead the joy to Christian households with.

Order Christian Gifts to Celebrate New Births and More online

Our gift ideas to celebrate births aren't only interesting for private individuals. Churches and congregations will also find lots of lovely inspirations from LOGO. For example, while purchasing decorated candles for Baptism to create just the right atmosphere for the first sacrament in a young Christian’s life. You'll also find Christian candles of high quality for other occasions from LOGO which bring a further religious note into Communions, Christmas or birthdays as gifts. Get enthused by our gifts for new births and explore for yourself our high-quality, Christian gifts.