Christian Christmas Presents

Christmas is the contemplative festival for the birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We give and receive gifts each year to remember the sacrifice the Lord made for us out of joy and excitement.

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Christmas Candle Green (851042) Christmas Candle Green
A beautiful candle for Advent and Christmas Church services. Their long burning time and high-quality characterise these candles. Each candle burns evenly, doesn’t blacken with soot or drip . Please place the candles on non-flammable...
ab €0.37
Olive Wood Star Light with Tea Light (999127) Olive Wood Star Light with Tea Light
Where a light shines, darkness has lost. An original gift made of olive wood from Israel for your congregation members during Advent and Christmas celebrations or for visitors to the Christmas Church Service. Share the season’s greetings...
ab €4.29
Candle Christmas Motif (852041) Candle Christmas Motif
A special candle which provides for a reflective Christmas atmosphere . The candle’s centre is decorated with a colourful motif of the Holy Family. It reminds us of the central message of the Christmas festival : Jesus is born. Let this...
ab €3.59
Olive wood angel pendant (880471) Olive wood angel pendant
Christmas olive wood pendant in the shape of an angel announcing the Good News. Ideal as a gift tag or Christmas tree decoration. Size: Diam. approx. 5.5 cm Thickness: approx. 0,4 cm Made of olive wood, natural product, different grains...
ab €1.39
Christmas Candle Green (851071) Christmas Candle Green
A beautiful candle for Advent and Christmas Church services. Their long burning time and high-quality characterise these candles. Each candle burns evenly, doesn’t blacken with soot or drip . Please place the candles on non-flammable...
ab €0.33
Light Moments Porcelain “House” (BB2-640075) Light Moments Porcelain “House”
It’s so cute when there’s a sweet little house over the plates or nut crackers! With this house made of matt, white, wintery ceramic you’ll round of your decorations at home. The house is delivered with an LED-light and a wire to hang...
ab €6.55 €6.95 *
Light Time “Angel” Porcelain (BB2-640074) Light Time “Angel” Porcelain
Porcelain angel figure. A particularly elegant Christmas decoration made of high-quality ceramic with an LED-light and wire to be hung up. The LED atmospherically illuminates the angel, the warm white light is radiated through the...
ab €6.55 €6.95 *
Light Moments Light Moments "Snow Flake"
This vibrant snow bauble made of precious white wintery ceramic including LED-lighting. It radiates a festive aura. Light provides for wonderful comfort and reminds us to reflect a moment and to relax , particularly in the twilight of...
ab €9.55 €9.95 *
Light Moments Porcelain Light Moments Porcelain "Star"
This unusual piece of star decoration with a wire to be hung up is made of fine porcelain creates a festive and atmospheric ambiance. The light breaks through the star shaped pattern on the outside. LED don’t emit UV-light or radiate...
ab €6.55 €6.95 *
Nativity Scene made of Wood (880393) Nativity Scene made of Wood
This lovely Nativity scene set contains 15 pieces and is made up of beautiful figures and land scape pieces made of wood. A Nativity scene is an integral piece of Christmas, the most important family festival of all. The figures of this...
Star Box “Christmas Magic Everywhere” (BB2-318012) Star Box “Christmas Magic Everywhere”
These magical decorative pendants are decorative companions through the Christmas period. The wood radiates naturalness and the lovingly-chosen motifs impart a sense of atmospheric-wintery protection . A lovely decoration for your...
ab €12.55 €12.95 *
Doll Set Christmas (881115) Doll Set Christmas
Eight-piece bendable doll set in a new collection for creating and telling the story of Christmas . The bendable dolls can be manipulated into any position needed. You can strikingly create and tell the Christmas story with them. An...
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Christmas Presents & Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas is one of the main festivals in the Church Year. It's the time of Jesus' birth. In the LOGO Online-Shop you'll find lots of ideas for Christian Christmas presents such as CDs with Christmas songs, books with recipes for baking biscuits, cookies and cakes, special offers, festive children's books, sculptures, candles, Christmas greetings cards and desk calendars. Story books for Advent from well-known Christian authors are also a lovely idea.

Order Christian Christmas Presents in the LOGO Online-Shop

Christmas, alongside Easter, is one of the most important celebrations in Christianity and is celebrated by Catholics and Protestants alike. The birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is celebrated and commemorated in a variety of ways. For example, Christmas presents for big and small aren't only given in Christian households. The LOGO Online-Shop offers a variety of inspirations regarding Christmas gifts and gives you the opportunity to share gifts with a Christian note with friends and relatives at a great price.

The Christmas Festival and its Christian Meaning

Jesus Christ has a central role in Christianity worldwide. As the Son of God, he was birthed by the Virgin Mary, put on Earth, died for our sins on the Cross and was resurrected. The night of Christmas Eve into Christmas Day is the night of Jesus Christ's birth. In this way the Christmas festival dedicates itself to the saviour of Christianity.

The arrival of Jesus is celebrated and commemorated as early as the weeks of Advent before the Christmas Holidays. Small Christmas presents are given during this time much like gifts for children on St. Nicholas' Day. Additionally, some Christmas gifts and items such as ornate decorations, candles or angels make for great ornaments to make the connection to Jesus Christ that bit clearer and to get into the spirit of this important event in Christianity.

The Tradition of Christmas Presents in Christianity

Christmas presents only gained prevalence in the course of the centuries after the life and death of Jesus Christ. The tradition of giving gifts at Christmas can be traced back to the Three Wise Men and their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. These were given to Baby Jesus in the manger by the Wise Men who in this way praised the Son of God with and gave him valuable possessions.

The tradition is continued to this day, whereby it isn't the case anymore that strictly only in Christian households Christmas presents are given. The giving Christmas presents and thereby sharing joy with friends, relatives or colleagues is established nearly everywhere in European culture. Things like small Christmas gifts without a Christian background fit well for friends from the everyday and work. Within the family larger gifts are popular. With Christian Christmas presents from the LOGO Online-Shop you have the opportunity to reflect on the Christian background while giving gifts and to distance yourself from gifts without reference to the Christmas Festival.

An Overview of different Presents for Christmas

Christmas presents from LOGO cover a wide range regarding Christmas and give you the opportunity to give gifts during Advent. Discover our attractive decorations for Christmas and alongside window decorations and figures you'll find fitting decorations for Advent wreath or Christmas tree. Some Christmas decorations be put up over the year and will become great eye-catchers in any Christian household.

If you're not planning for particularly large Christmas presents for acquaintances or colleagues, our Christian cards are the right gift idea. With these you're giving lovely well wishes for their path and showing that you've thought of them.

Christian books such as music with Advent and Christmas songs are also popular gifts for Christmas. For example, you can bring children a little bit closer to the up-coming festival with books to explain the meaning of Advent and the Life of Jesus Christ. From picture books for Christmas to exciting stories, Christmas presents like these really make for great stocking fillers.

The creative Selection of Christmas Presents in the LOGO Online-Shop

Christian Christmas presents and other Christmas products from the LOGO Online-Shop will make for varied inspirations if you're looking for new ideas for the up-coming Christmas festival. Some of the popular gift ideas for Christmas that you'll find in our range are:

• Picture and Motto dice for Christmas time
• Audio plays and CD-ROMs
• Creative Advent Calendars

Browse through this category to discover exciting and lovingly designed Christmas gifts and to share some joy with children, adults and friends alike.

Discover Gift Ideas for Christmas and more Occasions with LOGO

Naturally the LOGO Online-Shop doesn't just have interesting and well-priced gift ideas for Christmas presents. We accompany our Christmas presents with Easter gifts and gift ideas for Easter, dignified gifts for Baptisms or modern gifts for Confirmations as well.

With our experience as a Christian Online-Shop, we know which gift ideas for Christmas and other occasions are popular and make individual groups particularly happy. You can also enjoy some gifts yourself to approach with birth of the Son of God happily and excitedly. Whether Christmas books, Christmas music or decorations for the Christmas tree, LOGO's Christmas presents will excite you and make the recipient very happy year after year. Fair prices and friendly service with quick delivery excite yet again and make ordering your Christmas presents that bit easier.