Gifts for Confirmation

You'll find a variety of gifts for this truly special festival for the Confirmees at great prices from LOGO. Whether Bibles, crosses or crucifixes, cross necklaces, key chains, bracelets, gift booklets - the right gift is most certainly here!

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Passepartout (591999) Passepartout
This passe-partout has had a window punched free and so the motif decorative sheets from LOGO can really come into their own. With an A3 format and a fold in the middle to fit as A4 as well this passe-partout as a perfect protective case...
ab €1.15
Wall Cross – Those Who Believe Are Never Alone (880210) Wall Cross – Those Who Believe Are Never Alone
This modern wall cross is an exclusive gift confirmees , first communicant, colleagues, volunteer and those celebrating their birthdays. The cross is the most important Christian symbol and finds its place in the middle of our lives as...
ab €4.69
Cross Pendant – INRI (880164) Cross Pendant – INRI
The resurrection of Christ teaches us that united with Christ we live from his strength . This cross pendant reminds us of this Christian message. A lovely gift idea for Communions and Confirmations for example. Carrying God with you is...
ab €3.79
Olive Wood Cross Pendant (880206) Olive Wood Cross Pendant
An olive wood cross from Palestine with included cotton cord. Within the cross, another silver cross is embedded. A lovely gift idea for Confirmation, birthdays or for other occasions . Olive trees grow in the Holy Land. An evergreen...
ab €4.65
Cross Pendant Cross of Nails (880265) Cross Pendant Cross of Nails
Cross of nails – Because of your wounds we are healed. Old-bronze toned, including black cord and clasp. The cross is individually packaged in a transparent bag. A lovely Christian gift for a number of occasions.
ab €3.79
Tissues with Heart (940034) Tissues with Heart
Tissues that come from the heart! Not just wonderfully suitable as a gift for those important to us, these tissues are also perfect for weddings, Baptisms, birthdays or also as small get well soon presents . Each pack containts 8 tissues...
Serviettes Tree Large (940036) Serviettes Tree Large
A decorative serviette which acts like a Christian calling card. The serviettes depict a large, golden tree of life in the centre. Surrounding this there are Christian symbols such as a cross, a chalice, a dove and much more. Whether for...
ab €1.89
Leather Bracelet – What Would Jesus Do? (880175) Leather Bracelet – What Would Jesus Do?
Leather bracelet with metal plate - “WWJD” engraving (What Would Jesus Do?) - Colour: Brown - Size-adjustable - Bracelet width approx. 1cm
Leather Bracelet - Forgiven (880174) Leather Bracelet - Forgiven
Leather bracelet with metal plate – “Forgiven” engraving - Colour: Brown - Adjustable-size - Bracelet width approx. 1cm
Leather Bracelet – Ichthys and Jesus (880172) Leather Bracelet – Ichthys and Jesus
Leather bracelet with metal plate. Engraved with the Ichthys symbol and the inscription “Jesus”. The size of this brown leather bracelet is adjustable. The Icthys symbol comes from Greek and means “ fish “. Early Christian used the fish...
Leather Bracelet with Cross (880218) Leather Bracelet with Cross
Leather bracelet with metal plate with cross - Colour: Brown - Adjustable-size - Bracelet width approx. 1cm
Scatter-Fish-Décor (BR92622) Scatter-Fish-Décor
A bag full of scatter-décor in the shape of the Ichthys. The fish are 2.5 x 1cm large, are crafted from wood and are brown, green and blue in colour. Wonderfully fitting as table décor for Christian celebrations such as Baptisms, first...
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Saying "Yes" to Faith

The word "Confirmation" comes from Latin and means "strengthening" or "to make firm". It revolves around a festive act of blessing which is practiced primarily in Evangelical congregations. It marks the transition into the Church's coming of age for the mostly 13 or 14-year-old confirmees. In this way, they take their place as a full member in the congregation for all to see. The Confirmees consciously say "yes" to their Christian faith and in this way the representative profession of faith from their parents or godparents from their Baptism is superseded. The newly recognised members of the congregation also have a range of rights and responsibilities. Taking part in Holy Communion (The Lord's Supper) and the blessing to become a godparent are examples of some of the new rights. In contrast to Catholic Confirmations, Protestant Confirmations aren't a matter of a sacrament.

During the Confirmation service young people receive a blessing by having the Bishop lay their hand upon the Confirmee's head and then the Confirmee prays a special prayer which they are often allowed to choose for themselves and should then accompany them through their lives.

Christian Gifts for Confirmations

For the confirmee as well as for the parents, Confirmation is a big day which is typically fittingly celebrated after the Church service. Family, friends and acquaintances celebrate the conscious decision to profess their faith as a young Christian. The now adult member of the congregation is often given a number of gifts. Often the selection doesn't stray far from monetary gifts. For those who the pure material value is less important to, LOGO is exactly the right place. We offer a wide range of low priced and beautiful gifts for Confirmation which would thrill any young person. Popular religious gifts are badges, chains and necklaces or leather bracelets for example. Alongside a lovely card with personal greetings and blessings these are wonderful gift ideas as they'll act as a long-lasting reminder for the young Christian of this big day throughout their lives. Fashion-conscious young people can carry their faith out into the world with pieces of jewellery and will be reminded wherever they are that God, friends and family are always on their side.