Fasting and Lent, 40 Days of Reflection

Lent is a very intensive phase in the Church Year - Not only as an outward exercise of faith but also as a more intimate time for every Christian. In the LOGO Online-Shop we offer a wide selection of books for children and adults as accompaniment for the Passion of Christ.

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Lent - Books, Fasting Diets and Recipes

The LOGO Christian Online-Shop offers you a truly wide range of literature to celebrate the time between Ash Wednesday and Easter in a Christian and spiritual way. Fasting isn't only relinquishment and penance but also a time to pause, reflect and look inwards. A selection of fasting accompaniments such as calendars, books with helpful tips and useful pieces of advice for children and adults as well as special diets and recipes can accompany you through this time.

Lent - Experience it anew with Gifts from LOGO

Lent is a time of relinquishment which has been celebrated in Christianity for centuries. In our contemporary society with abundance in a number of life’s facets, fasting has become an important alternative to the way of life we are used to. This is why the faithful and those others tend to follow this ritual even today. In this category from LOGO you'll find books and other inspirations for Lent which will guide you in an informative and exciting way through this very special time.

What does Fasting mean? When does Lent end?

Fasting is traditionally understood as the relinquishment of meat and other large meals. A few centuries ago these were much harder to acquire than they are today. Symbolically, the weeks of Lent are supposed to be spent considering the suffering of Christ until his death on the cross.

The beginning of Lent falls on Ash Wednesday. Traditionally during carnivals in Europe people would eat heartily in preparation of the up-coming fasting. Lent ends on the Easter Weekend when the suffering of Christ ended. To celebrate this in a fitting way you'll also find Easter and other Christian gifts which are also perfect the whole year round. 

Order attractive Items for Lent online

If you would like to celebrate Lent traditionally, you'll find numerous helpful inspirations in the LOGO Online-Shop. For those interested in Lent, why not gift some of the following products from our range:

• Clear and easy to follow Fasting Calendars
• Informative Readings surrounding fasting
• Books about The Suffering of Christ
• Readings for other subjects of faith

Many books and calendars highlight the close connection between Lent and Christianity and offer practical tips for Lent to best incorporate Lent into modern lifestyles.

Celebrate Christianity with small Presents alongside Lent

Fasting is but one of the aspects of Christianity which shape the modern lifestyle. The same can be said for pilgrimages, like that of the Way of St. James, or visiting monastery of Taizé. You'll find attractive gift ideas for Christian festivals and celebrations about these as well as for other topics in the LOGO Online-Shop. We offer seasonal products which suit Christmas and Easter alongside Lent as well as gifts for the whole year. Browse through the huge variety of our Christian Online-Shop and discover new gift ideas with a Christian note. 

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