Harvest Festival

During the Harvest Festival, we praise God for the manifold work of creation. We celebrate Harvest Festivals for His gifts and for a good year. Books surrounding the topic as well as delicious pasta from LOGO make the festival an even more special event in the Church Year.

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Customs and Traditions of the Harvest Festival

During Harvest Festival or Thanksgiving Christians thank God in particular way for the harvest. As a result, it is celebrated after the collection of the harvest in Autumn. As its own festival the Harvest Festival has been celebrated only as recently as the 20th century in the liturgical calendar. The festival is celebrated on the Sunday following Michaelmas.

The celebration mostly takes place in the church where the congregation attends a themed service. Processions are also organsied regionally. In church as well as in apartments and homes decorations representing fruit and vegetables are often hung up. It depends particularly on the type of the harvest, which is why honey, wine or flour are also often used decoratively. The decorative produce is typically consumed together or donated to those in need following the church service.

Harvest Festival, along with Thanksgiving, is a public holiday in America on which the whole family from far and wide comes together and celebrates. There, it is much more significant than it is in Europe but is only celebrated at the end of November. Thanksgiving Dinner is characterised in particular by the elaborate preparation of the Thanksgiving turkey. In contrast, goose is traditionally prepared in Europe.

Gifts for Harvest Festivals

If you're invited to a Harvest Festival, it’s common to bring a small gift or a thoughtful little thank you along. You don't need to break the bank! It's much more about the immaterial value and being together to celebrate. In the LOGO Online-Shop there's a lovely range of lovely little things which are perfect for giving as gifts to say thank you following your invitation if you'd rather not give fruit, seedlings or a bouquet.

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