Gifts for Name Days

To this very day in some Catholic regions Name Days are celebrated. The day, on which the respective namesake is commemorated and celebrated. Earlier it was a common occurrence that Name Days were celebrated but not birthdays! You’ll find books about the Saints and Holy Figures, gifts, congratulations cards and much more especially for this day from LOGO!

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Name Days - Give a nice little Something for this personal special Day

Name Days play a role in Catholic regions in Germany and other Christian nations in particular. Here, many traditional first names are connected to a namesake in the Christian Church who blesses this personal day of celebration. Presents for Name Days are often given as small thoughtful gifts and are comparable to an affectionate, little gift on a birthday. In the LOGO Online-Shop you'll find various gifts for Name Days like lovely Name Day calendars for a quick overlook of when the personal big day can be celebrated.

Gifts for Name Days and their Significance

For generations it was common to give boys and girls first names with a Christian background. This was connected to the liturgical day of commemoration and veneration of a Saint who was then supposed to offer protection for the child throughout their life. To this day the tradition of Name Days is widespread in regions and nations with Catholic backgrounds. And in this way, instead of a normal calendar a Name Day calendar is given where one or multiple Holy names can be found for each day! Even with modern names which aren't connected to Christian tradition an older name can be traced back from the more modern one.

Surprise Young and Old with Gift Ideas for Name Days

If Name Days have an important meaning for you and your family, then our gifts for Name Days are an attractive option! With LOGO you'll find Christian gifts which will spread joy to people of any age, for Name Days as well as many other Christian festivals and celebrations. Make the most of some of the following as gifts for Name Days:

• Wrapping idead for Monetary Gifts
• Books with Blessings and Well Wishes
• Cards for Name Days with Envelopes
• Books about Saints and their stories

If you would like to know more about the different Saints or you're looking for Christian calendars as alternatives to Name Day calendars, then you're in the right place with LOGO! Our wide range offers gifts for Name Days and many more inspirations throughout the Church Year. Whether gifts to celebrate a new-born, beautiful gifts for Baptisms or Christian cards for other events in Christian life, you can take advantage of LOGO's fantastic prices.

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