Saint Martin's Day - Material for Saint Martin's Festival

Children make colourful lanterns and reenact how St. Martin shared his cloak. They make their way to the bonfire with the glowing lanterns. St. Martin rides ahead on his horse and everyone sings songs for him.

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St. Martin - Share the Story of the Holy Figure

St. Martin in among the most important religious figures in the Catholic Church and is honoured similarly to other personalities such as St. Boniface or St. Florian by Protestants and Oxthadox Christians alike. His message of loving one's neighbour has kept its prevalence and is celebrated with St. Martin's Day Processions and Church Services in many regions in Germany. In the LOGO Online-Shop you'll find fitting inspirations from reading materials for St. Martin down to music for St. Martin for your communion's procession at a fantastic price.

What makes St. Martin's Legend so special?

Martin of Tours was a bishop and lived in the 4th century in modern day France. His Name Day falls on the 11th of November which the Saint is commemorated on by sharing sweets among children and through a number of other celebrations and activities.

Preaching the story of St. Martin is delivered by telling the story of how the Saint gifted a freezing beggar half of his cloak from his horse. This story can be shared in a lively way with even the youngest of children in the form of St. Martin picture story books and is one of the products you can discover from LOGO.

Explaining the Story of St. Martin animatedly and age-apropriately

From the St. Martin Book right down to the song books, you'll find lots of fitting Christian gifts for St. Martin's Day. Order these to meet the following needs online:

  • St. Martin Picture Story Books for Children
  • St. Martin Lesson Material for School
  • As Story- and Song book for Congregational work
  • As a St. Martin Arts and Crafts Book for Lanterns

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