Gifts for Starting School & Back to School

LOGO has a wide selection of gift ideas with messages of blessings for back to school. Rulers, school bags, colouring pencils, backpack reflectors, plastic cups and key chains - this is where they can get a running start at school.

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Pencil Case Cork (UL1766) Pencil Case Cork
Our popular pencil case made of a an environmentally friendly material approx. 19cm, ø 9cm. Externally made of cork with a cotton lining. Once opened, the pencil case acts as a stable quiver for pens, pencils, brushes and much more …...
€4.95 *
Refillable Paper Clip Bag (LU3A04) Refillable Paper Clip Bag
Charming, cross-shaped paper clips. Perfect for use at home, at school or at the office. Differentiate yourself from typical paper clips and show your faith in the everyday!
€5.95 *
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Gifts for Back to School and for New Starters

Not yesterday your child was in nursery or kindergarten and now they're already grown up and going to school! Special occasions like these need celebrating! We want to make it fun for our own children, nieces and nephews and also give them a little something any new school starter would be excited about. Celebrate the new stage of life and the start of school and share small gifts which also impart Christian values and are fun at the same time!

The pencil cases in our Online-Shop are particularly fitting for those starting. They're individual and large enough for everything they'll need at school. Along with the colouring pencils that come with a pencil sharpener, you’re also giving your child an everyday companion. Our cotton bags with different Christian motifs are stylish and also very practical. Whether for a children's service or for sports in the in the gym, these bags are all-rounders and cover everything your child could need! Parents and Godparents who are planning to celebrate starting school and are looking for decorations will also find exactly what they're looking for here from LOGO. From balloons with Christians mottos right down to colourful plates and plastic cups. All your heart's desires can be found so that the kids can duly celebrate.

Little Gifts for Starting School - Great Pleasures

Our chalk boards are equally fitting for soon-to-be school children which writing and fine motor skills can be practiced on in a playful way. With the accompanying piece of chalk, the chalk boards can also be written and writing the different letters in the alphabet can be practiced. Gift these wonderful boards for your school starters and write a lovely personalized message for the children! Our towels also make for particularly special gifts. When the hustle and bustle of the first day at school has passed, your child can place the towel imprinted with a sheep in warm water and watch how it unfolds into a much larger towel. We can guarantee our muesli bowls will become the favorites for the breakfast table every morning. For the start of school, they can be filled with sweets and passed on as a gift.

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