Wall Calendars - Planning your Appointments made easy!

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Calendars - Décor and Organisation all in One

The nice thing about calendars is that they aren’t just reasonably priced but are also decorative and give powerful new impulses every day when the calendar’s pages have lovely messages day-by-day.

For those who need something a little bit easier to keep organised for the family management, we offer a "forget-me-not" wall calendar. Timetables, helpful reminder lists and stickers are included which can mark special occasions. Using this calendar is just like having an individual, constantly changing piece of art. In this way, keeping an overview of even the most turbulent and ever-changing of years in family life is that much easier! The great thing about it? The forget-me-not also looks wonderfully decorative with its vivid illustrations, delicious recipes and invigorating texts! 

Calendars are always images hanging on the wall, whose months change. For each month, week or day a new motif. And in amongst all the hectic that surrounds us in the everyday, we all need a quiet moment every now and again, a powerful quote or simply some new food for thought. The motif calendars from Eva Jung and Jürgen Werth offer inspirations for every day. These products and many more are available in the LOGO Online-Shop.

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