Postcard Calendars: Send Christian Greetings!

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What’s so special about a Postcard Calendar?

A postcard calendar gives you the opportunity to send Christian cards to friends and family and at the same time has the function of a calendar. The individual pages of the calendars are made of removable cards which can be sent as postcards. At the end of each month you can remove the section of calendar from the page, write a personal message and post the remaining picture motif. Depending on the type of table or wall calendar, you can send lovely picture motifs, Bible verses and much more with Christian backgrounds.

An Overview of the massive Selection of the Motifs on our Postcards

As a Christian Online-Shop, LOGO makes a point of having a large variety of all of its products to please every taste. This is also the case for our postcard calendars which spread joy throughout the whole year and thrill those close to you with a variety of photographers, paintings, drawings and much more. Discover our postcard calendars for yourself for some of the following topics.

• Atmospheric animal and nature photos
• Meditative words from Christian personalities
• Encouraging words with biblical reference
• Lovingly created paintings

To ensure the postcards can be easily separated from the calendar, each page is perforated. The postcards can also be cleanly separated from the calendar with a pair of scissors. Naturally, each page comes with clear instructions on the reverse side. In this way, you’ll see immediately where you should put your stamp, address and your personal message and thusly send a wonderfully formulated card to those close to you.

Purchase Calendars and Cards in the LOGO Online-Shop

Postcard calendars are among some of the most popular of our calendars, particularly when you maintain contact with people by post and would like to touch people with lovely picture motifs. In the LOGO Online-Shop we offer postcard calendars as well as other ideas such as Lent calendars with recipe ideas. Our Advent calendars make for a popular choice for your children. Alongside these, you’ll find common types of calendars for the office or at home. Browse through our many categories and give lovingly designed calendars as great gift ideas! Particularly at Christmas, postcard calendars and other types of calendars are particularly popular for surprising those closest to you.

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