Christian Table Calendars

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Desk Top Calendars as religious Gifts

The best priced calendars in our range make for great gifts. Whether for birthdays, Christmas or for visits to those ill or recovering, a lovely calendar with uplifting mottos is also a wonderful fit! Religious people who are looking for God’s blessing and his protection are always particularly happy to receive calendars like these. Experience the accompaniment and protection of God every day.

The words of Martin Luther can equally be a source of daily inspiration. Song texts, verses from the Lutheran Bible and meditative colourful photos offer new strength day after day!

The table calendars from the LOGO Online-Shop are so varied that everyone can find the right calendar for themselves or to give as a gift.

The practical, small calendars also don’t just fit on your wall but can also be placed on the bedside table or on window sills so that they can remind you to spend each day thoughtfully.

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