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The LOGO Online-Shop offers Christian candles of all varieties. A diverse selection of different shapes, sizes, colours and motifs for every occasion you can think of - including personalised candle designs according to your taste.

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Weihnachtskerze (19,5 x 1,6 cm) GRÜN (851042) Weihnachtskerze (19,5 x 1,6 cm) GRÜN
A beautiful candle for Advent and Christmas Church services. Their long burning time and high-quality characterise these candles. Each candle burns evenly, doesn’t blacken with soot or drip . Please place the candles on non-flammable...
From €0.33 *
Kerze A & O (19,5 x 1,6 cm) (851002) Kerze A & O (19,5 x 1,6 cm)
These small candles with a motif of Alpha and Omega are true classics for Easter Church services. A fitting candle for Easter and Easter Church services . The letters Alpha (A) and Omega (Ω) are symbols of Christ. The letter Alpha is the...
From €0.37 *
Windlicht mit Wachsfüllung A & O (851097) Windlicht mit Wachsfüllung A & O
The long burning time of approx. 20 hours and high-quality characterise this candle with a wax filling. A fitting candle for Easter and Easter Church services . The letters Alpha (A) and Omega (Ω) are symbols of Christ. The letter Alpha...
From €0.69 *
Kerze Ich bin bei euch alle Tage ... (852028) Kerze Ich bin bei euch alle Tage ...
Das bunte Ichthys-Motiv dieser Kerze verbunden mit dem Segensspruch aus der Bibel "Ich bin bei euch alle Tage bis ans Ende der Welt" machen diese Kerze zu einem ansehnlichen Gestaltungselement oder Geschenk für viele Anlässe. Eine...
€1.49 *
Teelicht Halter Herz aus Glas (660051) Teelicht Halter Herz aus Glas
Was wäre das Leben ohne die kleinen Gesten der Wertschätzung , der Verbundenheit und der Dankbarkeit? Mit diesem wunderschönen Herz-Keramiklicht überbringen Sie eine Herzensbotschaft, über die sich alle freuen. Denn "Für ein fröhliches...
From €1.69 *
Windlicht mit Karte Ein Engel ist an deiner Seite (999098) Windlicht mit Karte Ein Engel ist an deiner Seite
Ein dekoratives Windlicht, gestaltet von Stefanie Bahlinger , exklusiv für LOGO . Ideal zu Geburtstagen und für alle, denen Sie eine Freude bereiten möchten - auch sich selbst. Das Engelsmotiv auf Karte und Windlicht wurde von Frau...
From €3.29 *
Kerze Engellicht mit Herzanhänger (999090) Kerze Engellicht mit Herzanhänger
Eine Kerze als Hoffnungslicht zu Weihnachten oder im Advent. Mit einem schönen Anhänger aus Holz in Herzform. Engel sind Boten Gottes, die mit ihrem Licht die Dunkelheit durchbrechen - denn wer betet, sehnt sich nach Gottes Eingreifen....
From €3.49 *
Baptism Candle “Symbols” (851049) Baptism Candle “Symbols”
An artistically designed Baptism candle presenting the most important symbols of Baptism in a wonderfully appealing way. Doves, fish and the sun are framed within this candle . The Baptism candle is a symbol of the Christian faith and is...
From €4.99 *
Candle Blanco 25 x 5 cm Ivory (850076) Candle Blanco 25 x 5 cm Ivory
These ivory candles are unprinted and can therefore be personally designed by you . With colourful wax plates you can craft gifts for a number of occasions. Each candle has a RAL Seal of Quality, burns evenly and doesn’t blacken or drip...
€4.99 *
Kerze Engel mit Fotogrußkarte (999021) Kerze Engel mit Fotogrußkarte
Die Welt in der wir leben ist von Gott geliebt . "Gott spricht: Ich habe dich je und je geliebt, darum habe ich dich zu mir gezogen aus lauter Güte" ( Jer 31,3 ). Er hat über unserem Leben das göttliche "Ja" gesprochen. Nicht, weil wir...
From €4.99 *
Baptism Candle Path of Life with God (852013) Baptism Candle Path of Life with God
God’s love makes our lives colourful , we can rely on that. His blessing comes towards us on every path. Give this lovely message as a gift in the form of a beautiful Baptism candle. The Baptism candle is a symbol of the Christian faith...
From €4.99 *
Candle A & O Small (852029) Candle A & O Small
These small candles with a remastered motif of Alpha and Omega makes for a fitting little gesture to bring along for the Easter celebrations and can naturally be used for Easter Church services. A burning time of approx. 11 hours and...
€1.49 *
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Christian Candles with religious Motifs and Texts

Candles are varied, not only in shape and size. They're decorations and ornaments and sometimes even memories. They brighten every room with their soft light and impart warmth and a feeling of security despite their impermanence. In the LOGO Online-Shop you'll find candles with Christian motifs for a number of occasions such as Baptisms, Easter, Confirmation, Communion, Bereavement, Pilgrimages and Birthdays. Alongside our traditional candles we also offer various candles for lanterns in our range.  

Christian Candles - Sources of Light as lovely Gift Ideas

Candles are fundamentally intertwined with the Christian faith and are used for a number of occasions. They serve as sources of light and comfort, beautiful decorations or physical manifestations of memories. As well as this they're regularly used at Church services and other celebrations. In the LOGO Online-Shop we have a huge variety of Christian candles waiting for you which you can use as decoration for your Church services or to create a pleasant atmosphere in your own home.

Candles and their symbolic Meaning in the Christian Church

Candles represent the bright light in dark times and therefore have a symbolic meaning which is closely linked to the faith in God. With religious candles the light of faith is visually being brought into your life. This is made more poignant with candles with mottos, bible verses or symbolism of the Christian faith in a number of forms.

In this way, Christian candles are used as lights for graves to offer those who have passed on closeness to God. Alongside classic types of candles, many Christians purchase oil lights with wicks which were already being used in a similar format in Jesus' time. At Church services, particularly at Advent and Christmas time, Christian candles are a very popular choice as well as at large celebrations and sacraments.

Which Occasions are religious Candles used for?

Candles are an integral religious piece throughout the entire Church Year. They are coordinated in the forms of candles with mottos, sayings, verses or images for numerous celebrations and Church occasions. Among the most important of these occasions are:

• Advent and Christmas time
• Easter
• Weddings and Baptisms
• Communions and Confirmations
• For the organisation of all formal Church services

At occasions such as Confirmation, Communion and also at weddings candles with mottos or verses are used. These act as beautiful and loving reminders which will accompany Christians through their whole life. Candles such as these are often put up at home and make for lovely eye-catchers which remind us of special moments in life. Naturally this is also the case for larger birthday candles or candle jars for a number of occasions such as Confirmation or Communion candles which you can also purchase from the LOGO Online-Shop.

Discover Christian Candles and their Variety in the LOGO Online-Shop

Religious candles are often thought of as larger pieces such as the classic pillar candles. Here however, LOGO’s range shows that Christian candles can be immensely diverse and also contribute to modern congregational life and the presentation of your church. At LOGO, you'll find the following décor and gift ideas surrounding candles in our range:

• Well protected grave and memorial candles
• Wind guarding containers with and without labels
• Tea light holders made of ceramic, stone and more
• Miniature candles with Christian motifs
• Candles with mottos and verses for Baptisms, Confirmations and more

Browse through our individual subcategories for yourself and discover the variety of our candles. From LOGO, you can purchase candles for Easter, grave and memorial candles as well as candles for Baptisms and thereby express your preferences from classic to modern styles. We offer candles for lanterns and similarly eye-catching variations in our range and invite you to make the most of them!

Compliment Candles with more Decorations and Gift Ideas

Without candles an arrangement for the Virgin Mary, a Christian blessing or a Baptism is nearly unthinkable. Equip your congregation, church or yourself with lovely candles and tea lights which you can order from the LOGO Online-Shop at a particularly attractive price. Our range offers Virgin Mary candles, candles jars with Christian mottos or verses and many more formats related to the Christian faith. You can also order candles holders and lights from LOGO which can make for lovely gifts for now and again such as tea lights.

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