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Baptism Candle with Print Motif – Noah’s Ark (BB4382) Baptism Candle with Print Motif – Noah’s Ark
With this beautiful candle the tradition of giving those being baptised light for their path into life which is supposed to shine, also in darker times. Often parents or god parents are responsible for choosing the Baptism candle. This...
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The Significance of Baptism Candles in the Christian Church

The sacrament of Baptism plays a central role in all branches of the Christian faith. While Baptism candles are typically only lit for this occasion in Evangelical congregations, Catholic congregations see the use of Baptism candles more and more frequently as a renewed integral part of celebrating Communion and they are again lit off Easter candles. Baptism candles symbolically express that from this moment on the light of faith is shining upon those being baptised and the first covenant with God has been entered. A covenant which is reinforced and reaffirmed in later years with the first Communion and/or Confirmation. Here, Baptism candles become a valuable reminder for every Christian which vividly represents a piece of their own story of faith.

Design a Light of God personally according to Your Wishes

Christian candles are lit for many occasions. In LOGO’s range you’ll find a wide selection from Communion candles right down to festive Christmas candles which shine like a bright light and not just during the darker times of the year.

Alongside the motif ideas in this category, you can also purchase Baptism candles which have been designed correspondingly to your personal tastes from LOGO. Following the outline of your personalised design, we’ll gladly craft your Baptism candles for you which make for a wonderfully personal gift for your child and their path into the Christian community. Your personalised Baptism candles are always hand-finished and in this way have an extra value. 

Discover Baptism Candles with dignified Motifs

If you’re looking for inspiration for you personalised Baptism candles or if you would rather choose a pre-crafted motif, you’re most certainly in the right category here in the LOGO Online-Shop! We offer a wide selection of candles for every Christian celebration. The following motifs are particularly popular on Baptism candles:

• Angels
• Blessing Droplets
• Church Windows
• Doves

Our Baptism candles often come with a card which you can fill with personal words and well wishes for the Baptism. This is a particularly popular choice among friends and relatives who want to pass on lovely words and thoughts for the Christian path into life for the child being baptised. Naturally, our Baptism candles and cards are coordinated in terms of design and make for a wonderful eye-catcher in the living room or child’s bedroom.

A perfect Baptism with LOGO

If you would like to purchase Baptism candles and pass them on as a wonderfully thoughtful gift, simply browse through our Gifts for Baptism in the LOGO Online-Shop. Alongside Christian books, the LOGO Online-Shop has a wide selection of gift ideas ready for you which fit perfectly for every Christian occasion and will thrill Christians of any age. For active Church work we recommend a look at our products surrounding Church services for Baptisms. With guidebooks as well as other books, you’ll find lots of spot-on suggestions for how you can attractively organise the Baptism and atmospherically incorporate the lighting of Baptism candles. We also offer Christian literature about a number of other events throughout the Church year.