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Christmas Candle Green (851042) Christmas Candle Green
A beautiful candle for Advent and Christmas Church services. Their long burning time and high-quality characterise these candles. Each candle burns evenly, doesn’t blacken with soot or drip . Please place the candles on non-flammable...
From €0.33 *
Candle Christmas Motif (852041) Candle Christmas Motif
A special candle which provides for a reflective Christmas atmosphere . The candle’s centre is decorated with a colourful motif of the Holy Family. It reminds us of the central message of the Christmas festival : Jesus is born. Let this...
From €2.99 *
Christmas Candle (855013) Christmas Candle
Just as Jesus came as a light into the world , this candle illuminates the darkness and gives us strength. The colourful motif of the Holy Family exemplifies the joy that was bestowed upon us and carries the joyous message out into the...
From €7.32 *
Table Candle Crème Set of 3 (660095) Table Candle Crème Set of 3
This set is made up of three marble effect table candles made of 100% sustainable, certified palm wax . The crème candles are cast by hand in the Indonesian candle manufactory. The vegan produced candles have a burning time of approx. 9...
€3.95 *
Table Candle Red Set of 3 (660096) Table Candle Red Set of 3
Marble effect table candles in a set of 3 made of completely sustainable, certified palm wax . The red candles are coloured and cast by hand in the Indonesian candle manufactory. The vegan produced candles have a burning time of approx....
€3.95 *
Advent Candle with Christmas Angels (BB4381) Advent Candle with Christmas Angels
This 26.5 x 6 cm large Advent candle captivates with its impressive b urning time of approximately 80 hours . Here, it radiates a Christmassy atmosphere which enriches the joyful anticipation of this celebration of love. This is achieved...
From €14.55 * €15.95 *
Pillar Candle – Advent (BB4379) Pillar Candle – Advent
This pillar candle is wonderfully suited as a gift for Advent . The candle accompanies us through advent, each day during Advent the candle slowly burns down to the next number corresponding to a Sunday during Advent. The white pillar...
From €9.55 *
Windlicht - Sternenzeit (BB2984) Windlicht - Sternenzeit
Windlicht - SternenZeit Dieses elegante Windlicht ist 7 cm x 6 cm groß und wurde aus robustem Porzellan gefertigt. Ein in goldenem Farbton gehaltener Stern bildet den Mittelpunkt dieser Produktneuheit, wobei ihn kleinere Gestirne...
From €7.50 * €7.90 *

The Tradition of Christmas Candles in the Christian Faith

Light plays a huge roll in the symbolism of Christianity. God is often described as the light of faith whose brightness shines upon all the faithful and lights the path of life for them. The same is the case for Jesus as God’s son, whose miracles were also compared to his bright and illuminating character.

Because of this, Christian candles are indispensable in the faith and are lit for a number of occasions throughout the Church Year. These occasions span from Easter candles to weddings and even to Communion candles. The lighting of Christmas candles fits perfectly into the colder and darker time of year where darkness is naturally present for many hours of the day. In this way, Christmas candles provide a practical and atmospheric source of light in winter which transcends a purely symbolic significance.

Discover the huge Variety of decorative Christmas Candles

Unlike other Christian candles, Christmas candles make direct reference to the birth of Jesus as a forthcoming event. The Nativity Scene with Baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary is a particularly popular motif for Christmas candles. It’s common in many households to buy Christmas candles and to burn them little by little throughout Advent. On Christmas itself, the candles will have nearly burned out and the birth of our Saviour is upon us. You’ll see just how diverse and contemporary the selection of Christmas candles is just by having a look through our range in the LOGO Online-Shop. You’ll find candles for Advent and Christmas time from us with some of the following motifs:

• Colourful or monotone Nativity scenes
• "Peace on Earth" motifs
• Candles with Heart pendants
• Large Christmas candles with wooden candle holders

To ensure your Christmas candles can burn and be lit safely you’ll also find candle holders in the LOGO range which can be purchased separately. These can be used throughout the whole Church Year and also give your Easter- or Birthday candles a safe place to be put up.

Browsing through other categories in our range you’ll find lots of other Christian gifts which can be complimented with Christmas candles and in this way make for lovely gifts during Advent and at Christmas time. Bring the light of faith into your friends' and relatives' households and experience the joyful anticipation of the Saviour’s birth together.

Purchase Christmas Candles and more Decorations online

If you’re looking for more Christmas presents for young and old alongside Christian literature, you’re most certainly in the right place here at LOGO! You’ll find Christian Christmas cards and more thoughtful gifts which you can put a smile on friends’ and relatives’ faces with. For children, we offer Advent calendars which intensify the joyful anticipation of Christmas with chocolates and stories. If you’re thinking about ordering Christmas candles for your Christmas Church services then you’ll certainly find more products from LOGO from books for creatively organising your Church services down to products surrounding the liturgy!

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