Communion Candles - Important Symbols for the First Communion

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Which Significance do Communion Candles have?

In Christian symbolism, the light of faith is often talked about which God shines down upon the faithful. Particularly when it comes to Baptism this is touched upon. Baptism candles are predominantly lit in the Catholic Church. Communion candles continue this custom for the First Communion whereby depending on church and congregation candles are again used for Baptisms.

Like the candles for Baptisms, the candles for Communion are also age-appropriately designed. Colourful motifs and lovely symbols captivate children and are often carried and lit during Church services. Here, in all Catholic communities it’s common that Communion candles are lit on Easter candles. By doing this the symbolic unity to God and Jesus is supposed to be again strengthened. 

Age-appropriate Motifs for a decorative Church Service

If you would like to purchase Communion candles then they don't just have to be for formal Communion Church services. These lovely candles are also a loving gift idea surrounding the Holy sacrament which makes for a great gift for some of the following occasions:

• As small presents for relatives after the Church service
• As table décor for the celebratory meal afterwards
• As a thoughtful gift from friends or colleagues of the parents

Simply express that you’ve been thinking of the young person as a member of the congregation by giving Communion candles and would like to make the path into the Christian community easier for them. In the LOGO Online-Shop you’ll certainly find the fitting candle for Communion and other Christian festivals which you can pass joy on with.

Craft and design Communion Candles Yourself

Alongside purchasing ready Communion candles you also have the option of designing personalised candles for the festive sacrament in our Online-Shop. White candles serve as a foundation which can be designed with adhesive wax plates in different colours.

In many congregations, this is common towards the end of Communion classes and helps young people to express their creativity. To design candles for Communion in an appealing way, classic symbols such as crosses or fish are popular as well as rainbows, grapes, ears of wheat or doves. Those receiving Communion certainly don’t have to hold back in terms of their creativity when it comes to designing their Communion candles and can turn their own ideas into unique candles to be used at their Communion. In the LOGO Online-Shop you’ll find everything that you’ll need to craft your own Communion candles.

Discover more Gift Ideas for Communion online

Communion candles are a symbolic piece of the formal ceremony which rounds the organisation of the Church service off nicely. In the LOGO Online-Shop you’ll find a variety of further inspirations and impulses for Church services complimented by great gift ideas for friends and relatives. For example, order a Communion photo album and cherish the loveliest moments from this occasion with words and pictures. As well as this, you can complement Communion candles with more gifts for Communion from LOGO and share a little more joy with young people. Alongside candles for the First Communion and similar presents, the LOGO Online-Shop also has varied inspirations and impulses for Confirmation in the Evangelical and Protestant Churches as well as for many more Christian festivals.