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Easter Candle A & O Small (851002) Easter Candle A & O Small
These small candles with a motif of Alpha and Omega are true classics for Easter Church services. A fitting candle for Easter and Easter Church services . The letters Alpha (A) and Omega (Ω) are symbols of Christ. The letter Alpha is the...
From €0.37 *
Candle A & O Small (852029) Candle A & O Small
These small candles with a remastered motif of Alpha and Omega makes for a fitting little gesture to bring along for the Easter celebrations and can naturally be used for Easter Church services. A burning time of approx. 11 hours and...
From €1.49 *
Candle Tree of Life (851301) Candle Tree of Life
These lovely candles with the “ tree of life ” motif represents a symbol of hope . If we are like the trees, rooted in faith , then our lives will be fruitful. The rainbow is a symbol of peace and connectedness. After the Flood, God made...
From €2.99 *
Easter Candle New Life (852043) Easter Candle New Life
These Easter candles entitled “new life” are wonderfully suited for Easter Celebrations and Easter Church services . The letters Alpha (A) and Omega (Ω) are the first and last letters in the Greek alphabet. Much like the letters A and Ω...
From €2.99 *
Easter Candle Christ is Risen (880392) Easter Candle Christ is Risen
This Easter Candle entitled “Christ is Risen” is wonderfully suited for Easter celebrations and Easter Church services. The letters Alpha and Omega are symbols of Christ. The letters Alpha (A) and Omega (Ω) are the first and last letters...
From €2.79 *
Lighting Moment – The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci (BB4805) Lighting Moment – The Last Supper by Leonardo...
This candle produced in high-quality captivates us with a beautiful motif and can be used for a number of occasions and uses . In this way, this unique piece can become a decorative element part of the table décor or made a wonderful...
From €4.55 *
Easter Egg Candles (Mixed) (LO0220) Easter Egg Candles (Mixed)
Colourfully get into the Easter spirit! These beautiful egg candles make for a real eye-catcher on wonderfully laid tables at meals together , as a décor gift idea or for your own home. The egg candles are available in five appealing...
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Candle Holder made of Plastic for 16mm Candles (840181) Candle Holder made of Plastic for 16mm Candles
A lovely candle holder made of plastic . Fitting for candles with a width of 16mm . You’ll find our selection of candles in different sizes here.
€0.35 *

The symbolic Significance of Easter Candles

Christian candles aren’t just popular for Easter and are put up as sources of light with a great symbolic importance. Starting with Christmas candles and going all the way through to Baptism candles, their light expresses a closeness to God and Jesus. Candles which are put up for Easter and other celebrations shine the light of faith and provide an additional closeness to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In the case of Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day after his crucifixion, is celebrated. It shows us that God’s love is stronger than death itself and Jesus’ resurrection brings a bright light into the world and shines its valuable message upon the faithful. God is the beginning and the end which is shown on the Easter candles through the letters Alpha and Omega. In the Greek alphabet these are respectively the first and last letters and so they have a pivotal significance as the motif on candles for Easter to symbolise the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.

Traditional Motifs for Church Services and more

Easter candles are used in the Holy- and Easter week. Here, they are an indispensable part of Church services and congregation celebrations. The lighting of Easter candles at the Easter Vigil has a long tradition. In many congregations this is celebrated with a special Church service and is celebrated into Easter Sunday. You can also put Easter candles up in your own home and in this way symbolise your closeness to God and the resurrection of Jesus. From LOGO you’ll discover Easter candles in a number of different styles, for example:

• As thin pillar candles
• As candle jars with prints
• With practical accessories such as robust candle holders

As well as putting them up at Church or in your own home, small Easter candles are a lovely gift idea for Christian friends and relatives. Bring them closer to Easter and the miracle of Resurrection symbolically with these candles and share the Good News that the Son of God overcame death! Even without lighting these candles they make for lovely pieces of decoration for Easter and express your affinity with the Christian faith.

Discover Candles and Gift Ideas from LOGO

As a diverse Online-Shop surrounding Christian books and gifts, LOGO has a wide spectrum or Christian candles at attractive prices waiting for you! Discover wedding candles or festive candles for Advent which, much like out Easter candles, are one eye-catching motif after another. If you’re looking for more inspirations and impulses for your Church services at Easter, perhaps in the form of sermons or texts, then LOGO has the fitting literature for you. Decide on Easter candles as one of the most important symbolic gifts in modern Christianity which you can order at great prices from LOGO.

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