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Standing Cross Olive Wood (888019) Standing Cross Olive Wood
These individually hand-made olive wood crosses from Palestine stand firmly on any surface. Each and every one makes for a unique and environmentally friendly gift for your colleagues, volunteers, roundsmen, women’s circles and much...
From €3.79 *
Ichthys Cereal Bowl (LO0131) Ichthys Cereal Bowl
Those who are looking to get the right start of their day will be thrilled with this cereal bowl. A complete circle of Ichthys symbols symbolises that God's love never stops. Whether at celebrations within the congregation, on the...
From €3.59 *
Tissues with Heart (940034) Tissues with Heart
Tissues that come from the heart! Not just wonderfully suitable as a gift for those important to us, these tissues are also perfect for weddings, Baptisms, birthdays or also as small get well soon presents . Each pack containts 8 tissues...
€1.49 *
Servietten O du fröhliche ... (940028) Servietten O du fröhliche ...
Eine ausgefallene Serviette für Ihre Tischdekoration an Weihnachten. Jede Serviette ist mit dem bekannten Weihnachtslied „O, du fröhliche“ bedruckt. Ihre Gäste werden begeistert sein von dieser originellen Idee und sicherlich gleich das...
From €2.99 *
Glass Relief “Angel” (2-630275) Glass Relief “Angel”
This high-quality glass relief with an angel plate made of nickel silver is modern and timeless . Thanks to its firm mounting bracket it can be quickly and easily affixed anywhere. Angels are the messengers of God and powerful companions...
From €28.50 * €28.90 *
Serviettes Tree Large (940036) Serviettes Tree Large
A decorative serviette which acts like a Christian calling card. The serviettes depict a large, golden tree of life in the centre. Surrounding this there are Christian symbols such as a cross, a chalice, a dove and much more. Whether for...
From €1.89 *
Serviettes Rainbow (940012) Serviettes Rainbow
These lovely serviettes aren’t only a lovely decoration for at home but also for the congregation and at work . The motif speaks for itself. Here, laying the table will be twice as fun and the food tastes that little bit better.
€3.50 *
Washi Tapes Set Weihnachten (4060504000278) Washi Tapes Set Weihnachten
Das Washi- oder Klebe-Tape gibt DIY-Projekten ein individuelles Aussehen - es ist super für Geschenke, Einladungskarten, Briefe, Akten und Ordner, Notizbücher uvm. Es eignet sich auch bestens zum Bible Art Journaling, für Bullet Journals...
€9.95 *
Wax Plates 20 x 10 cm 10 Pack of 10 (850079) Wax Plates 20 x 10 cm 10 Pack of 10
A versatile gift idea that will put a smile on both your and the recipient’s face. With this selection of colourful wax plates you can personalise candles for a number of occasions. You’ll receive the following colours: • Gold • Brown •...
€8.96 *
Serviettes Wine (940035) Serviettes Wine
Jesus said : “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” A decorative serviette that fits perfectly with our white wine gifts perfectly as well as...
From €1.89 *
Serviettes Star Motif Red (940007) Serviettes Star Motif Red
Red serviettes, in packs of 16 with a motif of the star . The perfect decoration for Christmas. The motif is made up of the star over Bethlehem, underneath is the Nativity Scene with Jesus, Mary, Josef the shepherd and the three wise men...
€3.50 *
Starting School Serviettes (940032) Starting School Serviettes
A lovingly decorated table is like a small display of love and then nothing else can stand in the way of a joyous festival. With these serviettes you’ll certainly put a smile on people’s faces. Ideal for families, nurseries,...
From €2.99 *
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Decorations for a Number of Occasions throughout the Year

We offer inspirations for wonderful gifts for celebrations such as Christmas, Easter, First Communion as well as at women's cafés, senior circles, Bible circles or simply for some cosy time spent together.

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