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Standing Cross Olive Wood (888019) Standing Cross Olive Wood
These individually hand-made olive wood crosses from Palestine stand firmly on any surface. Each and every one makes for a unique and environmentally friendly gift for your colleagues, volunteers, roundsmen, women’s circles and much...
From €3.79 *
Ichthys Cereal Bowl (LO0131) Ichthys Cereal Bowl
Those who are looking to get the right start of their day will be thrilled with this cereal bowl. A complete circle of Ichthys symbols symbolises that God's love never stops. Whether at celebrations within the congregation, on the...
From €3.59 *
Tissues with Heart (940034) Tissues with Heart
Tissues that come from the heart! Not just wonderfully suitable as a gift for those important to us, these tissues are also perfect for weddings, Baptisms, birthdays or also as small get well soon presents . Each pack containts 8 tissues...
€1.49 *
Glass Relief “Angel” (2-630275) Glass Relief “Angel”
This high-quality glass relief with an angel plate made of nickel silver is modern and timeless . Thanks to its firm mounting bracket it can be quickly and easily affixed anywhere. Angels are the messengers of God and powerful companions...
From €28.50 * €28.90 *
Slate Relief “Fish” (2-154618) Slate Relief “Fish”
A lovely, high-quality slate relief with an “Ichthys” motif broken into two. The fish wasn’t chosen at random, but rather has two meanings. Firstly, it refers Mark 1:17 where Jesus called upon Simon (who was later named Peter) and his...
From €21.54 *
Scatter-Fish-Décor (BR92622) Scatter-Fish-Décor
A bag full of scatter-décor in the shape of the Ichthys. The fish are 2.5 x 1cm large, are crafted from wood and are brown, green and blue in colour. Wonderfully fitting as table décor for Christian celebrations such as Baptisms, first...
€2.95 *
Rainbow Candle – Ball 4.5 cm (974628) Rainbow Candle – Ball 4.5 cm
Rustic candle in a rainbow colour! This lovely rainbow “ball” candle is an individual candle wrapped in a gift foil. The rainbow is a symbol of peace and connectedness. After the Flood, God made a covenant with Noah and sealed this with...
From €1.85 *
Love & Grace – Coasters (GE4255) Love & Grace – Coasters
These lovingly designed coasters invite you to enjoy! They’re made of durable material with an underside made of cork and therefore protect your surfaces. A set is made up of 4 different quadratic coasters with rounded edges in a 10 x...
€10.00 *
Porcelain Figure “Angel of Joy” (BB2-640108) Porcelain Figure “Angel of Joy”
This beautifully shaped angel figure made of porcelain measures at 6 x 8.5 x 4cm. It was designed by the artist Kerstin Starken and captivates with its smooth design. Its classic white colour skilfully underlines this piece. The figure...
From €9.50 * €9.90 *
Pocket Angels with Hearts, 6 Set (LUA121) Pocket Angels with Hearts, 6 Set
A set made up of 6 small angels made of soapstone in different colours and with a red heart on the front. The set is delivered in a decorated paper bag and is therefore wonderfully suited as a gift. The angels are 4cm high. Angels give...
From €17.95 *
Ladybird’s Joy (BR4804) Ladybird’s Joy
A colourful seed mix with over 26 annual and perennial wild flowers . Pheasant’s eye, stone crops, cornflowers, field delphinium, wild mallow and many more for example, which attract ladybirds and other meadow inhabitants and provide...
€3.99 *
Holy Water Basin – Slate Plate with Ichthys (871002) Holy Water Basin – Slate Plate with Ichthys
This Holy Water Basin crafted out of nickel silver is mounted on a 9 x 23cm large slate plate. The symbol of the Ichthys has been milled into the slate. A very decorative way to store Holy Water. You’ll find other products here: Slate...
€49.95 *
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Decorations for a Number of Occasions throughout the Year

We offer inspirations for wonderful gifts for celebrations such as Christmas, Easter, First Communion as well as at women's cafés, senior circles, Bible circles or simply for some cosy time spent together.

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