Products to enjoy with all of Your Senses

A variety of products waiting to be enjoyed which do the soul good! Your congregation members will be surprised by the number of ways blessings can be passed on. Wine, pasta, chocolate, books, booklets and much more!

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Wooden Spoon (UL7133) Wooden Spoon
For you from the heart! – A lovely wooden spoon with a small gift card containing a German recipe for pita bread in a biblical style and space to write who the gift is from. The recipe and card are in German A great gift idea – fitting...
ab €5.85
Olive Wood Serving Board (BR5025) Olive Wood Serving Board
A wonderful olive wood board for breakfast or snack time. This serving board makes for an eye-catcher on a beautifully laid table as a serving board for bread, cheese, sausages, fruit, vegetables and lots of other delicious treats....
Olive Wood Dip Bowl Oval (BR5029) Olive Wood Dip Bowl Oval
This oval-shaped dip bowl made of olive wood is a true one of a kind produced by hand . An ideal holder to serve and decorate foods. The high oil content in the wood acts in a naturally antibacterial way. Material: Old olive wood,...
Pot Scouring Brush Multi-coloured (HH1006) Pot Scouring Brush Multi-coloured
This pot scouring brush with colourful, synthetic filament cleans pots and pans without issue . With its ergonomic shape the pot scouring brush sits well in the hand and the arrangement of the bristles removed even stubborn dirt with...
Vegetable Brush (HH0120) Vegetable Brush
This handy vegetable brush with fibre/union filament cleans vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and beetroot in no time . With its divided filament for stubborn and lighter cleaning , this brush makes for an ideal helper in the kitchen....
Pastry Brush (HH1601) Pastry Brush
This pastry brush with a high-quality pig bristles helps while quickly and accurately applying glazes, butters and oils. Dimensions: 16 x 2.5 cm Filament Length: 7.5 cm These wooden products are crafted by Heinrich-Haus in Neuwied in the...
Cookie Cutter Little Church (LUA108) Cookie Cutter Little Church
A high-quality cookie and biscuit cutter in the shape of a Church with internal elements, rust-free stainless steel, dish-washer safe , approx. 6 cm This ingenious idea for Advent and Christmas baking within the congregation: With this...
Cookie Cutter – Angel (UL0396) Cookie Cutter – Angel
Cookie cutter made of stainless steel, approx. 8 cm high in see-through packaging.
ab €3.85

Christian Gifts in a League of their own

To be enjoyed with all your senses and a wink or a culinary surprise! The message of the Lord finds its way into our houses and hearts in sweet and useful ways. A little less deeply reflective but nonetheless well appreciated and remembered for a long time to come! You'll find a wide range of original Christian gifts from the LOGO Online-Shop which will astonish your congregation members and really bring a smile to their faces.

How about Christian gifts for Birthdays, Name Days or Harvest Festivals which fit seamlessly in the kitchen? The colourful pasta mixes with church, bell and fish shapes are the perfect Christian gift for many occasions and a lovely thank you gesture for those helping in the congregation. Alternatively, you can put the unique angel pasta, the legions of heaven, onto the stove yourself. They also make for fantastic arts and crafts materials for little ones. As well as this, this pasta is doing something good! It's produced by an enterprise belonging to the ‘Lebenshaus’ society where people with physical disabilities and those from difficult social backgrounds can find a home.

After a Church service, small and sweet surprises are incredibly popular among children and young people, just as much as they are among the coffee table and those stood there! Elegantly wrapped chocolate bars and tempting sweets are all waiting to be discovered in this category.

The wonderfully packed raspberry bonbons or fruity gummy bears also make for edible Christian gifts and also remind us of just how good life is. Most certainly not to be left out are our sweet greetings made of milk chocolate which wish a merry Christmas and make for truly original religious gifts ideas for sending to someone.

Brand-new in our range are also the sophisticated Piccolo Riesling bottles. Not crowned the king of the white wines without good reason. Decorated with a vivid wine label, this elegant tipple reminds us that the church is also a joyful place of common ground. An optimal Christian gift for the church choir. A lovely duo of Christian gifts to eat and drink are wine and a cookbook.