Gifts - Get-well-soon, Healing & Recovery

Being ill isn’t nice. But how uplifting is it having a lovely visitor at your bed side, who joins you, talks to you and brings an encouraging gift. Here at LOGO, you’ll find exactly the right things for your visiting service.

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Hand Cross – Olive Wood Cross (888018) Hand Cross – Olive Wood Cross
A hand cross made of olive wood in a symbolic shape which represents crossover between an angel and a cross. An environmentally friendly, exclusive gift from Palestine for God parents, parents, grandparents, for recollecting Baptisms as...
ab €2.69
Touch Stone – Olive Wood Heart from Palestine (880122) Touch Stone – Olive Wood Heart from Palestine
Putting a smile on someone’s face! Simple and straightforward with a heart touch stone made of olive wood . A small gift for Baptisms, for the speech at weddings, wedding anniversaries, visiting the elderly and ill or as a gift for...
ab €2.49
Soar Wood Angel (WO3374) Soar Wood Angel
This angle is a hand-carved one of a kind made of soar wood. As a result of this, there may be slight differences between the product and product image. A wonderful decoration for your windowsill or any other fitting place. Soar-Woof is...
Knotted Rosary Natural Wood Pearls Round (816004) Knotted Rosary Natural Wood Pearls Round
This walnut wood rosary with a Corpus of Jesus Christ on a wooden cross is a wonderful companion for prayer and devotion. The 59 pearls are in the form of ovals. This rosary is approx. 27cm long.

God Bless and a speedy Recovery

Being ill isn’t very nice. Many of us just lie in bed alone at home or possibly even in hospital if it’s serious. How uplifting is it in times like these when someone just comes and spends time with us. A nice, reassuring conversation and perhaps an encouraging present work wonders and make someone’s day. In the LOGO Online-Shop, alongside lovely and uplifting greetings cards, you’ll also find small, religious gifts which impart a huge Christian value. Reach out to an ill person and offer them strength in their path back to health. And after the visit is over, leave them a touch stone. With a Christian Verse or hand painted, it should serve as encouragement and help them to discover moments of faith. Pick out a beautiful card from our range and write some personal greetings which can accompany an ill person or someone on the road to recovery and let them feel more optimistic. Any and everyone is made happy by thoughtful greetings, particularly greetings from those who can’t be there in person to say some comforting words.

Comforters during Recovery & Healing

The LOGO Christian Online-Shop also has special gifts ready to encourage those who are ill. How about a pillow for the soul? For those, who are spending time in a hospital because of a serious illness, it’s often unfortunately a case of an unclear road ahead. The ground under their feet gives way and hope and despair come in waves. From now on, there are certain questions in everyday life like „What’s going to happen to me?“ „Will I get better?“. With meditative texts, verses from the Bible and atmospheric photos the road to recovery should be shown and lit up. A positive mind-set and the knowledge that you aren’t alone work downright wonders!