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Give perfect presents where the packaging is just as magical as what’s inside! Regardless of the occasion, a beautifully wrapped gift always brings a smile to people’s faces! Choose from our diverse options.

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Gift Pouch Rainbow (920005) Gift Pouch Rainbow
This lovely gift box made of stirdy cardboard offers lots of space for a variety of gifts with its appealing shape and is decorated with a friendly " Rainbow “ motif. Give one of our many cross necklases or wall crosses, for example.
From €0.49 *
Red Velvet Bag with Ichthys (WE0001) Red Velvet Bag with Ichthys
A gift sack in a red velvet optic. The bag is 11 x 13.5 cm and can be closed with a cord at the top. It is made out of a soft material in a velvet optic and is decorated with a silver Ichthys on the front. Ideal as a gift bag for small...
From €1.49 *
Shape Puncher – Angel (UL0487) Shape Puncher – Angel
This angel shape puncher is a robust tool for punching out particular motifs. This shape puncher includes a paper trap. Also suitable for decorating candles or cards.
From €5.85 *
Gift Bag for Communion & Confirmation (PR4148) Gift Bag for Communion & Confirmation
Gift bag fitting for Confirmations of Communions with a fish / Ichthys motif. - Size: approx. 20 x 14 x 7 cm
€3.60 *
Gift Bag Communion (PR4149) Gift Bag Communion
Gift bag fitting for Confirmation or Communion. With a dove motif. - Size: approx. 27.5 x 20 x 10 cm
€4.80 *
Gift Bag Verde (PR1268) Gift Bag Verde
A lovely paper gift bag with a fish design. Gift bag verde, elegant colour combination: Green with fish design in white. Material : Paper
€4.50 *

The fitting Gift Wrapping for your Christian Gifts

If you would like to pass Christian gifts onto really special people, you can’t do without the right gift wrapping! In our range you’ll find a huge selection of gift bags and pouches which turn individual and personal gifts into special little eye-catchers. Among packaging and wrapping fitting for numerous occasions, the LOGO Online-Shop offers great, original gift wrapping for special occasions from weddings to Christmas.

Gift Wrapping which will thrill the Recipient

Great gift wrapping will ensure joyful anticipation for the recipient but the wrapping also needs to be fitting for the occasion. Bearing this in mind, gift wrapping in white for weddings with lovely motifs should be a winner while gift wrapping for Christmas is adorned with festive and colourful motifs. With the right gift wrapping, you’ll give each gift some extra value and turn them into real eye-catchers. But bags and gift boxes as packaging aren’t just suitable for Christian gifts! Here our Christian cards offer great compliments to accompany your birthday or wedding gifts.

Gift Pouches and Bags for every Occasion

Original gift wrapping such as bags and pouches from LOGO’s range are perfect for a number of Christian festivals and celebrations. Discover some of the following types of attractive and varied gift wrapping:

• Champagne and wine bag with Bible verses
• Gift boxes made of robust cardboard cartons
• Lovely gift sacks made of organza
• Accessories such as Washi-Tape for attractive decorations

Depending on the choice of motif, you’ll quickly see which occasions you can use the respective gift wrapping for. Design Christian Christmas gifts in this was or find fitting packaging for Father’s or Mother’s Day gifts.

Fill every Gift Box with great Content

In the LOGO Online-Shop’s range, you’ll find the right cards fitting for all our gift packaging so that you can send personal words to the recipient. Whether Christian Christmas cards, Birthday cards or lovingly designed wedding cards - as a Christian Online-Shop, LOGO offers you a great selection of gifts and packaging which awake the joy of sharing.

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