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Hand Cross (820043) Hand Cross
People in need of support are at the heart of the work of the Bodelschwinghschen Institute, Bethel . In Bethel’s various institutions more than 100,000 ill people, people with disabilities and socially disadvantaged people are personally...
ab €4.79
Atmospheric Lights Heart Lighting (840152) Atmospheric Lights Heart Lighting
Atmospheric lights made of veneered wood , wonderfully coloured. Tea light glass included but no tea light. Our hand crosses are produced in the workshops in Bethel. These are specially produced products in high-quality and are just as...
Atmospheric Light “Way of St. James” (840157) Atmospheric Light “Way of St. James”
A beautiful tea light made of oiled veneered wood . Contains a tea light glass but no tea light. People in need of support are at the heart of the work of the Bodelschwinghschen Institute, Bethel. In Bethel’s various institutions more...

Bethel in Bielefeld - An important Christian Foundation

Every person is unique and should be supported and encouraged regardless of their weaknesses so that their personality can fully develop. The Bodelschwinghschen Foundations follow in this intention, showing the spirit of their founder and their truly Christian thoughts. The production of small gifts with a Christian background has been a part of the varied work in Bethel which gives people prospects in their lives. Because Christian and religious gifts play an important role in LOGO’s range, we proudly support the foundation’s work in Bethel.

The various Gift Ideas from the Bethel Foundation

By purchasing any of the products which you’ll discover in this category, you’re supporting the foundation’s honourable work in Bethel. Among the nicest and most popular gift ideas in this category are:

• Christian key chains
• Candle holders
• Mood lights
• Touch stones such as small angels

All of the products are made by hand in Bethel, Bielefeld and thusly they’re all truly unique. With their humble prices it really is worthwhile ordering a variety of lovely gift ideas from Bethel and thereby supporting the wide reaching work of the foundation.

Discover and purchase Christian Gifts in the LOGO Online-Shop

With gift ideas from Bethel, you’ll make it clear for any recipient that the wellbeing of other people is close to your heart. In the LOGO Online-Shop you’ll discover other gift ideas like the Ichthys or small touch stones alongside handmade products and decorations. Share joy among Christians of any generation and put the Good News of God and Jesus Christ out into the world. Christian cards and greetings cards offer you more space to compliment your gifts from Bethel with some personal words. You’ll certainly find something for every occasion in the LOGO Online-Shop!