Trossingen Pasta House: Delicious Pasta with a Christian Message

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What is the Significance of the Trossingen Pasta House?

The Trossingen Pasta House social project is supported by Catholic and Protestant sponsors. The institution focuses on people with psychological constraints as well as those who find themselves in difficulties as a result of their social circumstances. Through the occupation at the Trossingen Pasta House a new gateway into a stable life with a clear course is made possible for people. They’re involved with every area of the pasta production which is moulded into various shapes. Because of the variety of shapes the pasta makes for popular Christian and religious gifts which invite anyone to enjoy them with a good social conscience!

Discover delicious Pasta in a Range of Motifs

The Trossingen Pasta House stands for high quality in regards to flavour in all of its products and at the same time there’s a lot of creativity in the individual packs of pasta while the pasta's being made! The intricately packed and labelled bags can be ordered in a number of designs fitting for numerous occasions. Various varieties are also wonderfully coloured and get young and young at heart excited before tucking in. Among the most popular variations from the Trossingen Pasta House are:

• Christmas Pasta
• Birthday Pasta
• Angel Pasta
• Church Pasta

Many of the packs also use Christian symbolism so that the pasta also represents a great acquisition for the next celebration as a congregation. The little delicacies from the Trossingen Pasta House also make for fantastic private gifts. Here, you can discover birthday cards, small gifts and other gift ideas from LOGO. Through each purchase of this special pasta you’re supporting the work of the social institution and giving people in difficult circumstances prospects.

Do something good with other Gifts from the LOGO Online-Shop

If you’re searching for truly special gifts with a religious background then the LOGO Online-Shop is the ideal address online! Alongside the good work of the Trossingen Pasta House, you’ll also find gift ideas from the reknown Bethel institution. These are offered as Christian jewellery or key chains and provide equally valuable Christian and social work.

If you would like to order some delicacies from the Trossingen Pasta House for your congregational work, don’t forget the many creative products we offer as well. You’ll find things from Easter candles down to Bibles and accessories for organising your Church services from LOGO with attractive ranges of products and fantastic prices.

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