Here you’ll find gift ideas with the universal Christian symbol, the Ichthys, on bags, school bags, stickers, note pads, key chains, medallions, soaps and towels. Small gifts with a huge impact!

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Tasche - ICHTHYS (880067) Tasche - ICHTHYS
This lovely shoulder bag with the Christian Ichthys symbol is an ideal companion for the everyday. Bible, pens, pencils and everything else that you need – all in one place – this satchel puts an end to the last minute searching! All the...
From €2.69 *
Gift Pouch Rainbow (920005) Gift Pouch Rainbow
This lovely gift box made of stirdy cardboard offers lots of space for a variety of gifts with its appealing shape and is decorated with a friendly " Rainbow “ motif. Give one of our many cross necklases or wall crosses, for example.
From €0.49 *
Wall Cross – Those Who Believe Are Never Alone (880210) Wall Cross – Those Who Believe Are Never Alone
This modern wall cross is an exclusive gift confirmees , first communicant, colleagues, volunteer and those celebrating their birthdays. The cross is the most important Christian symbol and finds its place in the middle of our lives as...
From €4.39 *
Cross Pendant Ichthys, Antique-Silver-Tone (880142) Cross Pendant Ichthys, Antique-Silver-Tone
The shape of the cross represents our faith and hope. These precious-metal, antique-silver-tone pendants with 65cm black textile cords are individually packed. The Icthys symbol comes from Greek and means “ fish “. Early Christian used...
From €3.49 *
Glass Candle Holder “Ichthys” (880446) Glass Candle Holder “Ichthys”
Jesus Christ, lover of life! That’s what this candle holder represents with its Ichthys symbols in different sizes and blue colour. Whether for birthdays, the start of school, Communion or Confirmation, this candle holder is more than...
From €3.50 *
Geschenkset Geschenkset "Catch of the Day"
Ob zum Geburtstag, zur Konfirmation und Firmung, zu Jubiläen, zum Erntedankfest oder einfach als impulsvolles Geschenk zwischendurch, dieses Set hat eine besondere Botschaft. Es weist hin auf den reichen Segen Gottes, den wir Tag für Tag...
From €1.99 *
Ichthys Cereal Bowl (LO0131) Ichthys Cereal Bowl
Those who are looking to get the right start of their day will be thrilled with this cereal bowl. A complete circle of Ichthys symbols symbolises that God's love never stops. Whether at celebrations within the congregation, on the...
From €3.59 *
Kerzenglasfisch klein (880062) Kerzenglasfisch klein
Candles with assorted wax colours in glass. The distribution of the product is mixed and candles are individually wrapped. A lovely decoration and gift idea. The Icthys symbol comes from Greek and means “ fish “. Early Christian used the...
From €1.70 *
Schuh- und Sportbeutel (880148) Schuh- und Sportbeutel
A great gift for nursery, kindergarten and school children , made of polyester. Well suited as a gift for the start of school. With reflective strips, a reflective Ichthys print as well as strings and metal loops. Satchels that are...
From €3.50 *
Fisch Aufkleber (880045) Fisch Aufkleber
Colourful Ichthys stickers which are suitable for your car. The Icthys symbol comes from Greek and means “ fish “. Early Christian used the fish during the times of persecution as a secret symbol of recognition . To be sure if present,...
From €1.29 *
Breakfast Board “Ichthys” (UL2579) Breakfast Board “Ichthys”
A lovely breakfast board made of alder wood with a lasered out fish symbol . A fitting gift for young and old. The Ichthys symbol comes from Greek and means “ fish “. Early Christian used the fish during the times of persecution as a...
From €3.85 *
Silikonarmband - Ichthys (880179) Silikonarmband - Ichthys
Silicon bracelet with Ichthys imprint in a one-size-fits-all. Available in green, purple and turquoise. The Icthys symbol comes from Greek and means “ fish “. Early Christian used the fish during the times of persecution as a secret...
From €1.40 *
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Ichthyses - The universal Christian Symbol in a Number of Forms

The Ichthys is alongside the cross as one of the most well-known symbols of the Christian faith. The symbol portrays the contours of a fish and is used by Protestants and Catholics as a universal symbol of their religion. Today, the Ichthys can be found in the form of pendants, print motifs on bags, note pads and more. In the LOGO Online-Shop you’ll discover the Ichthys in various forms which make for great gift ideas for Christians of all generations.

What does the Ichthys represent as a Christian Symbol?

The fish-shaped symbol picks up on the life story and religious significance of Jesus Christ in a number of ways. For one, the Ichthys is an acronym - a word made up of the beginning letters of the sentence "Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Saviour“ in Greek. As an early Christian symbol, the fish is also often found in the New Testament, for example in the sermons of Jesus Christ. Over the centuries, the symbol had lost its meaning, however since the 1970’s the symbol has been used again worldwide by Christians.

Discover the Ichthys as Stickers, Pendants and much more!

With its simple shape, the Ichthys in the form of pendants, stickers and print motifs suits a variety of everyday objects. In the LOGO Online-Shop you’ll discover a variety of possibilities for the Ichthys and can order your Ichthys made of wood, on an adhesive film or in many other variations. Among our most popular products surrounding the Ichthys are:

• Key Chains
• Pins
• Writting cases
• Towels
• Bags

The Ichthys is particularly popular as a sticker to be stuck onto the back of your car. It isn’t only the cars of congregational workers which are often decorated with the symbol of the fish either. Congregation members can beautify their cars with the Christian symbol and show their profession to God and Jesus.

Order Christian Books and Gift Ideas from LOGO

Alongside the Ichthys, you’ll find other creative gift ideas in the LOGO Online-Shop which you’ll be able to bring a smile to Christians’ faces with. Many of them are little thoughtful gifts like the Ichthys which can be gifted for occasions from Communions to Confirmations right down to special Church services.

Browse through our creative products such as Christian candles, touch stones, badges or pins for yourself. You can also wear crosses and crucifixes in the form of Christian jewellery. With LOGO, you’ll also find Christian and religious gifts for every taste!

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