Christian Music and Religious Songs

The Christian message in song books and on CDs. Discover musicals, classical and modern albums, stories about prominent Christians presented by renown personalities and accompanied by melodies and song.

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Christian Music from the LOGO Online-Shop

Music accompanies us wherever we go. At Christmas, on birthdays, together at Church services or on our own at home. There is fitting music for any mood which carries emotions with it. From the LOGO Online-Shop you'll find the Christian message in song books and on CDs which can accompany you in good times but also through difficult times and give your emotions a place to be expressed. Discover musicals, classic and modern albums and stories presented by renown personalities and accompanied by touching melodies.

Year upon Year

Particularly for Christmas and during Advent, times for reflection, many yearn for tranquility and a soul search to focus again on the things that are really important. Get into a pre-Christmas mood with meditative Christmas songs on the guitar and get together and sing songs with your family! This time for reflection does us good and decelerates everyday stress which is otherwise always present. Christian music at Christmas time isn't just a trusted companion but rather it's another reminder of the Good News of God coming to us. With our ‘Advent- and Christmas Songs’ you can also learn more about the historical background and theological meanings of older and more recent songs. In this way, you can have an even deeper understanding of the Christian celebration and its customs. These books are also suitable for explaining particular rituals and songs to children and thusly gives them a completely new way to come into contact with the Christian faith.

Christian Music in difficult Times

As previously mentioned, music bears with it emotions. This can be particularly helpful for those who going through difficult times as of the result of the loss of a loved one or another twist of fate. Moving pieces like some of the classics from Bach, Brahms, Mozart and etc. offer energy and comfort through warm and impressive tones. Lean back and let your thoughts and feelings run free.

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