The Nativity Scene and Figures from the Manger

On Christmas day and during Christmas time the Nativity Scene simply can't be missed! How lovely is it when, under the Christmas tree, the figures from the Holy Family along with ox and donkey in the barn around the baby Jesus, and then with the shepherds, sheep and kings!

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Olive Wood Nativity Scene with Bark (888017) Olive Wood Nativity Scene with Bark
Festive Christmas tree decorations from Israel which fits beautifully for every Christmas tree. A lovely gift with a timeless motif.
ab €1.39
Nativity Scene made of Wood (880393) Nativity Scene made of Wood
This lovely Nativity scene set contains 15 pieces and is made up of beautiful figures and land scape pieces made of wood. A Nativity scene is an integral piece of Christmas, the most important family festival of all. The figures of this...
Doll Set Christmas (881115) Doll Set Christmas
Eight-piece bendable doll set in a new collection for creating and telling the story of Christmas . The bendable dolls can be manipulated into any position needed. You can strikingly create and tell the Christmas story with them. An...
3D – Nativity Scene “Bethlehem” - from Jerusalem (UL6538) 3D – Nativity Scene “Bethlehem” - from Jerusalem
Crafted in Jerusalem in a company that has developed a specialist wood laser cutting technology . The company make a point of integrating disadvantaged people into the working process of the company. All products are produced in an...
Nativity Scene on Wooden Board (UL6545) Nativity Scene on Wooden Board
Nativity scene made of olive wood from Israel / Bethlehem. Crafted by hand and approx. 13 x 7 cm large. Stood on a wooden board with a frame made of branches. It makes for a truly lovely gift.
Krippe in Wurzel aus Olivenholz (UL6552) Krippe in Wurzel aus Olivenholz
Eine sehr schöne Krippe aus Olivenholz aus Israel/Bethlehem. Das besondere sie ist in Handarbeit entstanden und gefertigt aus einer Wurzel, daher kann der Artikel von dieser Abbildung variieren. Ein echter Hingucker mal was ganz anderes.
ab €19.49
Porcelain Figure “Christmas in Bethlehem” (BB2-640109) Porcelain Figure “Christmas in Bethlehem”
This elegantly shaped group of porcelain figures “Christmas in Bethlehem” is made up of two pieces. Alongside a figure of Josef standing up figures of Mary and Jesus can be placed next to him. The two lovingly created figures are ideal...
ab €14.50 €14.90 *
Olive Wood Nativity Bethlehem (830001) Olive Wood Nativity Bethlehem
A memento from the Holy Land. A beautifully produced and designed Nativity scene made of olive wood with the Holy Family. Christmas is one of the central festivals in Christianity. According to region and customs the individuals are...
ab €4.49
Christmas Tree Decoration – Nativity Scene (UL1823) Christmas Tree Decoration – Nativity Scene
A hand crafted Nativity Scene made of olive wood from Israel / Bethlehem. Approx. 14.5 x 7 cm with small branch pieces.
ab €14.40
Nussschalen-Krippe auf Naturstein (LO0370) Nussschalen-Krippe auf Naturstein
Gott kommt in die Welt und hat Platz in der kleinsten Hütte. Diese Nussschale in Form einer Krippe auf Naturstein könnte das Symbol für unser Herz sein – denn wahre Weihnacht findet in unseren Herzen statt. Ein ideales Geschenk beim...
ab €3.99

Nativity Scenes and Figures from the Manger and their Christmas Tradition

Putting the Nativity Scene up is simply a part of Christmas time for many people! Either there's a little barn with the baby Jesus stood in your own home or the spectacle is a firm tradition particularly at the parents' home and awakes lovely childhood memories. Assembled under the Christmas tree, the individual figures of the nativity scene depict the Advent and the Epiphany in beautiful imagery. In some families, Nativity Scenes are already up as early as the beginning of December, others put them up on Christmas itself. However you celebrate and keep the tradition going one thing is for sure: Nativity scenes are as unique as their owners!

The word manger comes from the Latin stems from the verb 'to chew, eat' normally referring to animals. In modern English its meaning has come to embody the trough, from which farm animals eat. It represents the manger in which the Virgin Mary laid her new-born child after she and Josef were unable to find any room in the inns in Bethlehem, according to the Gospel. The description of Jesus' birthplace being a manger only comes to light in the New Testament.

The putting up of Nativity Scenes has its routes in early Christianity, whereby the baby Jesus was typically shown with the oxen and donkeys. The Virgin Mary was only included in the Nativity Scene in the Middle Ages and Joseph was included even later.

Nativity Scenes from the LOGO Online-Shop

Telling the Christmas story with the aid of the Nativity Scene is particularly great for children and imparts immaterial values of the Christmas festival which in these turbulent times come to light all but too sparsely.

In our range you'll find wooden puzzle games for children which portray the the images of the barn with the baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary, the Three Wise Men and angels. The pieces are crafted in high quality and decorated with small handles so that children from as young as 2 years old can also practice with them in an ideal way. The story of Christmas can be particularly nicely told with these puzzles.

As a gift for children for Christmas, our towels with a Nativity Scene motif are also wonderfully suited. This original gift also doesn't immediately show its true character when it's given but rather must first be laid in warm water before the children can see how it unfolds to reveal the Nativity Scene.