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In alignment with organic standards, you can acquire organically grown food products and other biologically manufactured products such as muesli bowls from LOGO. In this way, you can contribute to protecting God's creation and can shop with a clear conscience.

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Purchase Organic Food online from LOGO and enjoy lasting Quality

A conscientious selection of foods and drinks is certainly part of a knowingly healthy lifestyle. With the BIO Seal Certification, our food products belong to the German and Europe wide trusted standard which also makes a sustainable and conscious purchase possible. The LOGO Online-Shop offers a wide selection of high-quality organic food which is perfectly suited for daily consumption or as a great gift idea and will convince you both in terms of quality and flavour!

What makes Organic Products so special?

Organic products define themselves from more common food products through their cultivation in organic farming. There are legally established standards for the production of organic foods. For example, not using chemical pesticides or herbicides during cultivation. The quality of organic products is monitored and rigorously checked so that for you as a consumer, enjoying the pleasure in accordance with nature is always ensured.

How can You recognise genuine Organic Products?

If you are looking to buy Organic Food online then the Organic Seal from the European Union is the certification that you need to look for. The seal of testing and quality was introduced in 2010 and meets the strict criteria of the European legislation. Among these criteria are:

• No genetic alteration of ingredients.
• No use of easily soluble, mineralised fertiliser.
• No synthesised colourings or conservatives.
• Fulfilment of strict criteria regarding import from Third World Countries.

Alongside this well established, Europe wide certification there are also national seals for organic foods which go one step further with regards to their testing criteria. In Germany, for example, these are the seals from Demeter or Bioland.

As well as this there are seals which highlight the biological character of foods and included ingredients. In this vein, you'll find lots of products from LOGO which bear the Fairtrade Mark alongside the Organic test seal. With this certification, the products are distinguished as having been produced in fair conditions. With fair wages for those working in the cultivation in the various countries of origin, for example.

An Overview of the Advantages of Organic Products.

An awareness of purchasing organic products has developed for millions of people throughout Europe in recent years. You can also order organic products from LOGO online and thereby enjoy the following advantages:

Standard mass-produced goods include many dozens of additives and conservatives as well as different aromas. This isn't a concern for you with organic products.

If you would like to absolutely avoid genetic engineering in your foods, then opting for organic products is the best choice for you.

The use of pesticides is completely foregone so that you don't have to worry about consuming any chemical residues such as plant protection agents.

The general conditions surrounding the production of these products is much more attractive. For example, during the production of organic meat there is no factory farming.

To enjoy these as well as other advantages all you need to do is look for the certification you would like. Many of the products in this category have a multitude of the aforementioned test seals whose exact definitions for each respective initiative can be found online. All organic products which you find in this category from LOGO ensure the certification through the organic test seal as a minimum

Purchase a large Selection of our Organic Foods online

Browsing through this category you'll discover a huge spectrum of delicious organic products which will awake your desire for conscious shopping and enjoyment. Choose between these delicious highlights in purely organic quality:

• Organic & Fairtrade chocolate bars
• Coffee pads by GEPA
• Natural sugar sticks
• Organic herbal teas

Many of the aforementioned organic products aren't only a wonderful indulgence for yourself but also make for great gift ideas for a number of occasions. Thrill friends and relatives with some organic treats for on the go. Alongside the delicious taste, the recipient will also know to treasure the gift's non-tangible value and exclusive character. A lovely accompaniment for these are personalised gifts from LOGO.

Ordering Organic Products online - What does the Price look like?

As you can see, the price of organic foods online is slightly higher than the price of comparable products from standard production. This is a result of the previously mentioned way in which organic products are produced. In this way, you can go without mass production, animals are held in a manner appropriate to their needs and all ingredients are carefully and gently handled. This leads to the more substantial overheads and efforts for the producers and ultimately to an increased purchasing price. Many are nonetheless very willing to spend a little more for first-class quality. Ordering organic products online remains attractive in terms of price from the LOGO Online-Shop as you can see for yourself.

A conscious Life Style in other Areas with LOGO

Alongside our sophisticated selection of delicious organic products, LOGO offers a massive selection of Christian books and religious gifts. Detailed descriptions of the individual products show which organic products you can purchase online and turn into an exquisite gift. For example, combine organic quality tea or coffee with a breakfast board with Christian motifs or mottos and surprise a loved one or friend. You'll find other delicacies and treats as gifts from LOGO which can be excellently accompanied by organic products.

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