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Memorial Light made of Glass with Cross incl. Candle (893001) Memorial Light made of Glass with Cross incl....
This lovely memorial light made of glass has been lovingly decorated with a black cross . A fitting candle is received with the delivery. The cross is the most important Christian symbol and finds its place in the middle of our lives as...
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Day Burner Red (LO0198) Day Burner Red
A day burner for votive candles in red with a 115g paraffin filling (30 % oil content). The burning time is approx. 48 hours. Warning: Only use in open well ventilated places!
€0.49 *
Replacement Candle for Votive Lights (LO0200) Replacement Candle for Votive Lights
A fitting replacement candle N3 in white for a number of votive lights. These replacement candles are 13 cm tall and have a diameter of 5.8cm. The burning time for this replacement candle is approx. 50 hours . Warning: Only use in open...
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