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Soap Stone Angel White or Red (880472) Soap Stone Angel White or Red
An angel as a touch stone for friends and loved ones or as a gift for Baptisms and Communion, for birthdays, as a get well soon gesture or as a lasting companion in your pocket or on your desk. They are God’s messengers and their message...
From €3.99 *
Soap Stone Angel, Holy Family White or Red (880473) Soap Stone Angel, Holy Family White or Red
An anti-stress touch stone for Advent! It doesn’t magically make stress disappear but it can help to relieve stress in some moments by being held, looked at or reflected upon as well as the special time of year. As a gift for this...
From €5.99 *
Card Holder Soapstone (880468) Card Holder Soapstone
A modern card holder made of hand crafted red soapstone , decorated with a black Ichthys motif. With the help of this card holder you can display your favourite post cards anywhere . Whether in the office, on the kitchen windowsill or on...
From €2.99 *
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