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Christmas Candle (855013) Christmas Candle
Just as Jesus came as a light into the world , this candle illuminates the darkness and gives us strength. The colourful motif of the Holy Family exemplifies the joy that was bestowed upon us and carries the joyous message out into the...
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Ave Maria Candle – Church Window (857006) Ave Maria Candle – Church Window
This candle is decorated with a colourful “Ava Maria” motif and reflects the faith and warmth that Mary is met with. Mary is the first Mother of Christianity . She is the connection between us and God. Often, she is called upon in...
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Protective Candle Holder 60 x 50 mm (860001) Protective Candle Holder 60 x 50 mm
Plastic protective candle holder with a size of 60 x 50 mm, fitting for candles of Mary and tea lights.
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