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Here in just one place we'll keep you posted about the new products from LOGO, the world of Christian ideas and gifts! Our offers always fit what’s going on in the Church Year. Get excited! We're sure you're going to have a lot of fun browsing through!

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Christmas Candle Green (851071) Christmas Candle Green
A beautiful candle for Advent and Christmas Church services. Their long burning time and high-quality characterise these candles. Each candle burns evenly, doesn’t blacken with soot or drip . Please place the candles on non-flammable...
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Umschlag DIN C6 Trauer (999973) Umschlag DIN C6 Trauer
Stabiler Schutzumschlag für Trauerkarten, passend für C6 Formate, weiß mit einer durchgängigen schwarzen Umrandung . Mit einer Größe von 16,2 x 11,4 cm sind sie somit bestens geeignet für LOGO-Karten im DIN C6 Format. Ein passender...
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New Christian Gifts

There are always occasions, new festivities or new ideas for gifts. At LOGO we keep you up-to-date as to which new Christian gifts are in our Online-Shop that you can put a smile on someone’s face with. We keep ourselves oriented with trends and offer you only the best from the world of Christian ideas and gifts. In doing this, we always pay special attention to the Church Year so that you always find thematically fitting gifts. Have fun browsing through our new books, calendars and more Christian products!

Our modern necklaces and chains with pendants in the shape of crosses and crucifixes are particularly lovely. Alongside this fashion statement which young people pay particularly close attention to, they also show belonging to Christianity and to the congregation. Everyone who likes generally modest jewellery will enjoy our range and still be able to show their faith with pride! This works particularly well with our cross pendants. They're also a lovely gift for Confirmees. But why not also make giving each protégé a necklace part of the Confirmation Church service? The individual price of each product is also reduced, the more of the respective product is ordered. According to the number of products ordered we can offer you advantageous discounts!

Small Presents but lots of Joy

Invited to an occasion and would like to bring a small gift along but aren't sure exactly what? Smaller gifts are often a little bit trickier to choose. How about a lovely pack of raspberry sweets? Just to say thank you. Even the original packaging itself is a genuine little eye-catcher.

Following the motto that "Jesus gives our lives colour" we offer a range of colourful Ichthys symbols in magnificent rainbow colours. These great symbols of blessings can be used for numerous occasions in congregational work and can also be given as gifts. At children's or family Church services for example, the colourful fish with certainly go down well!


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