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Well-founded, educational work and Christian values are the basis of these well selected work materials. They offer numerous inspirations for the everyday, valuable work in the congregation and in nurseries and kindergartens.

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Nursery- & Kindergarten Books - Something nice for the Little Ones to experience

Children love fun with stories and they love losing themselves in imaginative stories and to experience new worlds. Because children are so good at imagining themselves in the stories being told with their inventive imaginations they often forget the world around them. The LOGO Online-Shop offers a range of different and exciting children's books which are also ideal as nursery or kindergarten books because they support the daily cycle with children in this age and are very helpful when it comes to keeping children entertained. With lots of interesting and exciting stories it'll never get boring and often you'll find yourself explaining something totally new with a story you've told many times before. Additionally, there are lots of children's Bibles in LOGO's huge range which are specially geared towards children to introduce children to the Christian world better and more age-appropriately.

Why are Christian Books for Children so worthwhile?

Books for children are always worthwhile, especially with a Christian background. Because they stimulate thinking and imagination for the little ones. Having said this, when children watch films, everything is dictated and they don't need to imagine anything else and only need to actively follow the film. When an exciting and perhaps even emotional story is being read however things are completely different. Then, every scene has to be imagined and the children have to put themselves in the shoes of those in the story with all their senses to conjure their own mental images of what's happening. Additionally, it's always a good idea for children to create their own little worlds because only then can the little ones constantly develop and get to know the world and life in a playful way. The children's books are also excellent in nurseries and kindergartens, parent-child groups or in play groups.

Which Nursery and Kindergarten Books are offered from the LOGO Online-Shop?

As a Christian Online-Shop LOGO offers a huge selection of Christian and religious books which are optimally tailored for the needs of children. Because of this, there are numerous Children's Bibles with humorous, interesting and lovely images which help to explain biblical stories in addition to the well-written and simple texts. In this way, Christian thoughts and values are introduced to children in a playful way so they can better understand and make sense of life in and around church. As well as this, there are imaginative stories about Christmas in the forest and more because when it comes to celebrations such as Christmas and Easter, there's a massive selection to be found with LOGO.

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