Gift for Nursery & Kindergarten Kids

Here you'll find gifts for nursery and kindergarten kids at great prices as well as practical gifts and toys. The many big and small ideas are perfectly suited as birthday and farewell presents.

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Gifts for Nursery or Kindergarten

In particular we like to give gifts to the little ones because they really show some of the greatest and most honest expressions of joy. If the thought behind the gift is what's most important to you and that particular Christian values are imparted, then you're in exactly the right place here at LOGO! In our huge range there are countless lovely books, games and other everyday objects which can be given to little children and nursery and kindergarten kids for any occasion.

Regardless of whether it's a nephew's birthday, the start of school or Christmas, in the LOGO Online-Shop parents, aunts, uncles, neighbours, teachers and educators in nurseries and kindergartens are in the right spot! The wonderfully illustrated children's Bibles in particular invite parents and children to discover the Bible as a foundation of the Christian faith in a playful way.

All of our texts are rounded off with games, puzzles, songs, arts and crafts tips or prayers. An experience for the whole family! Other prayer books from the range are perfectly suited to give children a morning routine. Children are encouraged to look for a discourse with God in an age-appropriate way and the morning becomes a matter of course during the day. Reading aloud around the breakfast table or just after getting up can become a morning ritual which includes every family member.

Learning in a playful Way

For slightly older children, games and books are also ideal for pre-school. Gifts in this category encourage the development of fine motor skills and logical thinking with word puzzles and colouring sheets. Soon-to-be school children can assess what they're doing for themselves and thereby independently develop their perceptive skills. In this way children can prepare themselves for school and have fun while doing it! Games which impart Christian values aren't only ideal as presents but are also fantastic for congregations. The symbols which we encounter in society and not just in Church like the cross and Ichthys should also be learnt about along with their significance. With 30 picture cards, children can independently learn the meanings of the core Christian symbols in a playful way at nursery or kindergarten. Crosses, lights, rainbows and angels: the illustrated cards explain the symbols in an age-appropriate way.

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