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Foldable Shopping Bag - Love Faith Hope (LO2466) Foldable Shopping Bag - Love Faith Hope
Say goodbye to plastic bags! They’re being replaced in your everyday with these practical and fashionable folding bags „Love-Faith-Hope“, which fit in any hand bag. Extremely handy when shopping because of their simple and fast use....
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Christian Gifts at Low Prices

LOGO, the Christian Online-Shop, offers you a myriad of Christian gifts at low prices. If you're looking for a special gift, have a look through our bargains and you'll certainly find the fitting present for any occasion.

Birthday Booklets: A Particularly Special Gift Idea

Our lovingly put together Birthday booklets are particularly popular which are a very fitting gift for every birthday boy or girl who you would like to wish a happy birthday to in a truly special way. Appealing illustrations and easily digestable texts bring a special charm to these birthday greetings. Birthday booklets don't just bring a smile to the faces of those who regularly attend church but rather everyone who likes the spiritual or simply the lovely. These booklets are visually very appealing, designed with a loving attention to detail and imprinted with carefully selected, fitting texts so that every birthday greeting can become something special. The LOGO Online-Shop offers you a huge selection of cards and booklets. Browse through our rich offers and you'll certainly find just the right thing for the birthday boy or girl, regardless of whether it's for the 80th or 8th Birthday. In this way, every birthday greeting with a fitting birthday booklet will make for a great, individual gift that will bring a smile to anyone's face. Alongside the decorative design of the birthday booklets, particular value was laid upon the comprehensibility of the text because at the end of the day it's about the message you wanted to convey with this gift. The birthday boy or girl will certainly get excited about a Christian birthday booklet. With these booklets, you're showing that it's particularly close to your heart and that you really thought about choosing this gift. As well as this you don't need to worry that the booklet won't be easy to read or difficult to follow. They have been designed in such a way that every recipient will get a sense of joy, knowledge and optimism from the texts and illustrations. If you would like that your birthday greetings stand out a little from the standard birthday wishes cards and share a special joy have a look through our offers and find the fitting gift for your birthday girl or boy.

Christian Devotional Objects - Touch Stones, Crosses, Crucifixes & Key Chains

The LOGO Online-Shop offers you more Christian gifts and devotional objects always at low prices! Regardless of whether it's a gift or for your own home - Here you'll find a rich selection of products with Christian designs. With regards to devotional objects, among other things we offer touch stones, crosses, crucifixes, key chains and many more lovely products which will beautify your everyday. Our touch stones are produced with high-quality materials and are designed in a aesthetically pleasing way so that they can find their place as an eye-catcher in any home. The designs range from simple touch stones which have been boiled down to the essentials to detailed, carefully crafted pieces of jewellery with special messages that will brighten your everyday.

Praise of God, Books and other Christian Gift Ideas

If you regularly attend church and have a soft spot for music, you're certainly in the right place here in the LOGO Online-Shop. Here, you'll also find a huge number of products with a Christian focus. Christian children's books are also something really quite special from LOGO which bring the little ones closer to stories from the Bible and make access to Christian values and the Christian tradition possible thanks to their colourful pictures and easily understandable texts. It's well-known that children see the world from a different perspective and that's why it's so important to cover Christian topics in an age-appropriate and fun way with them! Perhaps you have children or grandchildren of your own or play a role in children's lives. In this case, our children's books are a gift that any child will be excited about!

As well as this, you'll find small presents in the LOGO Online-Shop which will make you and others happy. Here, you can choose from a huge selection from candles to cards right down to magnificently designed illustrated books. Our offers which accompany you through your Christian everyday are something certainly quite special. Our offers, not only on calendars which will put a smile on your face with daily, joyful messages but also for particular high points in the Church Year are also here! Whether Pentecost, Easter, Harvest Festival or other celebrations, you'll find a lovingly crafted item for every occasion here at LOGO.

In addition to all this, LOGO also offers you particularly special offers if you're somewhat of a bookworm! Alongside textbooks, you'll find fiction which is appealingly written about Christian topics. Sometimes a laugh, sometimes some food for thought, but always reading which does your spiritual and intellectual development good. Is the next trip coming up and you want to be well-informed? Then have a look through our corresponding category in the LOGO Online-Shop. You'll certainly find inspirations and things worth knowing about your destination!

As you can see, the LOGO Online-Shop offers a diverse palette of useful, lovely and interesting products for Christian life. And all that at fantastic prices, always!